Things To Do In Omaha: 10 Best Locations (2024)

things to do in omaha

Omaha is an amazing Nebraska city which is located on the side of the Missouri River. This friendliest place comes under the list of top ten cities in America which has the most billionaires per capita. Not only this but as per many sources, it is also reported that every year around 13 million people visit Omaha to witness its rich culture, great history, well-maintained surroundings, nature’s beauty, popular traditions, high-tech museums, zoos, and more. So, if you are also planning to come here and wondering about the best things to do in Omaha then do check out this travel guide as here we will be sharing the brief of every spot that you must go to at least once. 

Things To Do in Omaha

From here your main tour on this page begins as below is a long list of all the amazing things to do in Omaha and enjoy there with your family. So, to know about the locations specifically, read them one by one below.

1. Visit the Omaha Children’s Museum

Address: 20th St of Omaha, NE 68102, United States

best Children’s Museum in the world

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This is one of the fun spots situated in the downtown area of Omaha which was inaugurated in the year 1976 and is preferred for both, kids and adults of any age. It has several floors with different sections and themes to explore, enjoy, buy, or try them. Furthermore, its Imagination Playground and Tinker Factory are everyone’s favorite as they offer a large water table, miniature grocery store, and actual tools to play with, respectively. 

Moreover, in this museum, you even get a cafeteria where parents can have their caffeine dose and enjoy the museum with buckets of popcorn. Also, the museum hosts different exhibitions from time to time in which parents can be involved with their children and be a part of their unforgettable visit. Talking about the ticket’s pricing, for kids between 0-2 age groups entry is free, for children under 18 years and older people above 60 years, the pricing is $12 and lastly, for the adults it’s $13 which is worth charging every penny. 

2. Go to Joslyn Art Museum

Address: 2200 Dodge St of Omaha, NE 68102, United States

things to do in omaha

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If you are someone who loves and appreciates artwork then Joslyn Art Museum is the must-visit place for you in Omaha. It is around 90 years old and has an exclusive collection of Native American pieces of artwork. The best thing is that in this museum there are dedicated craft rooms where the visitors can get their hands dirty, create their own artwork, and get involved in other creative activities.

Here, you can witness all sorts of artwork including modern and traditional, ancient and surreal, antique and recent ones, and so on. Furthermore, the museum also organizes traveling exhibits which add charm to the visit. Apart from all this, to get your shot of coffee there is also a cafeteria in the museum which does justice to the taste. Talking about the ticket fees then the entry is completely free of cost in this museum however, for a few special activities you may need to pay the required amount. 

3. Enjoy at Scatter Joy Acres

Address: Newport Ave, Omaha, NE 68152, United States

Scatter Joy Acres

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Going to Scatter Joy Acres is one of the best things to do in Omaha as there you can play, pet, and adore some of the most cutest, rarest, and rescued animals. It is situated on 26 acres of land which is full of trees, natural habitat, cafes, and fun activities to do. 

This petting zoo has trained animals as well who let the visitors play and connect with them which makes the visit more memorable. From pigs, goats, camels, and peacocks to horses, donkeys, kangaroos, and so on, there are n numbers of animals and birds present in this zoo land. 

4. Spend time at Spielbound

Address: 3229 Harney St, Omaha, NE 68131, United States

things to do in omaha

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If you are searching for a place that has bars, coffees, and crazy board games to play with your friends and family in Ohama then Spielbound is the place you should go at least once. Here, they offer some of the best and most interesting card games, board games, and strategy games that can be enjoyed with a glass of beverages and plates of snacks alongside. 

The unique selling point of this place is its affordability and location which make it more accessible for everyone. Furthermore, this game library’s decor and mood are also tremendous which makes hours spent there like a minute only. 

5. Experience fun at TreeRush 

Address: 1111 Bellevue Blvd, NE 68005, United States


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TreeRush is one of the things to do in Omaha as it offers amazing and fun ropes courses for all age groups of visitors. It is not a part of Fontenelle Forest but yes, it is located within this place only which makes this adventurous location more surrounded by nature’s beauty. For children, it has a separate section named “KidRush Adventure Park” which has low-level rope courses designed especially for kids between 4 to 6 years old. 

Moreover, for the rest of the visitors, they offer different levels of fun and crazy workout activities so that there’s something for everyone. The best thing is that it also has evening sessions in which the entire TreeRush twinkles with glittery and colorful lights that make the visit and completing the ropes course target more surreal and dreamy. 

6. Visit Louisville State Recreation Area

Address: 471 W Main St 202 of Louisville in KY 40202, United States

things to do in omaha

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This is one of the best watercourse providers in Omaha which has different levels of interesting obstacle activities surrounded by water. This adventurous place is situated on the outside of the southwest region of Omaha. Furthermore, Louisville State Recreation Area is spread over a land of 50 acres which covers around five sandpit lakes. 

From physical to mental fitness, there are various activities designed for an individual’s complete workout. However, if you feel tired and just want to live in the moment then you can simply lay on their sandy beach area with a glass of juice and enjoy the view wholeheartedly. 

7. Go to Freedom Park Navy Museum

Address: 2497 Freedom Park Road of Omaha, Nebraska 68110, USA

Freedom Park Navy Museum

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If you are someone who has an interest in the victories, wars, machines, or history of the military then Freedom Park Navy Museum should be added to your personal list of the best things to do in Omaha. This place is full of things used in the military during the Cold War period which includes everything from ships, aircraft, and rocket launchers to submarines, guns, and uniforms. 

This place is not just knowledgeable and educational but also enjoyable at the same time. The best thing is that here you can even book your appointment for a guide and tour of this complete museum which teaches about the bravery, sacrifices, and technologies used by the military at that time. 

8. Visit the CHI Health Center

Address: Omaha, NE 68102, United States

things to do in omaha

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For all the entertainment seekers visiting CHI Health Center is one of the things to do in Omaha. It is situated in the North Downtown region of Omaha and organizes different types of events on a regular basis. From musical concerts and comical shows to basketball matches and dancing competitions, a wide variety of events happen at this venue. However, snacks and beverages are a bit expensive at this place which is the only flaw mentioned in the feedback of the visitors. 

9. Enjoy at Fun-Plex Water Park and Rides

Address: 7003 Q St of Omaha, NE 68117, United States

Fun-Plex Water Park and Rides

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Ohama even has its own amusement park named Fun-Plex Water Park and Rides which is located in the center of the city and has n number of rides and water slides for all age groups. During summer seasons the crowd goes crazy here as it has water slides, lazily cruising, a wave pool, and other similar things that make the visitors cool down instantly in the burning hot summers. 

Furthermore, this amusement park also offers a swim-up bar area where individuals above 21 years can have a glass of beer and live their quality moment surrounded by water. Not only this but it also has putt-putt, an indoor arcade, bumper boats, a mini roller coaster, and so on which add more enjoyment and happiness to the visit here with friends and families. 

10. Visit the Nebraska Wildlife Safari Park

Address: 814 E Park Hwy of Ashland, NE 68003, United States

things to do in omaha

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Going to the Nebraska Wildlife Safari Park is one of the best things to do in Omaha as it gives the visitors a great experience to cherish forever. This park is maintained by The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium who Keep an eye on all the necessities, hygiene, habitat, food, and other requirements of this place. 

While roaming here, you can explore different wildlife including bears, prairie dogs, wolves, bald eagles, elk, and more. Not only this but at safari, you will be able to adore the beauty of bison, lions, wild elk, and so on. The best thing is that for children there is a specially designed mini petting zoo where your kids can interact and pet animals who are trained and not harm anyone. 


1. Which is the best water park located in Omaha?

Fun-Plex Water Park and Rides and Louisville State Recreation Area are the two best water parks located in Omaha which offer different water and other rides for all age groups of people who visit there. They are one of the best spots to enjoy and make memories with your friends and families.

2. Which are the best museums to visit in Omaha?

Omaha Children’s Museum, Freedom Park Navy Museum, and Joslyn Art Museum are some of the best museums to go to in Omaha and have a glimpse of history, technology, games, tradition, and so on. 

3. Which are the best things to do in Omaha?

Omaha is a place rich in food, culture, technology, science, military, and more which makes the list of visiting places almost endless. So, for waterparks, Fun-Plex Water Park and Rides and Louisville State Recreation Area are the best choices, whereas for museums Omaha Children’s Museum, Freedom Park Navy Museum, and Joslyn Art Museum are great. On the other hand, for entertainment sources, CHI Health Center is the place to go and for fun sports, Scatter Joy Acres, Spielbound, and TreeRush are the must-visit locations. 


Above we shared a long list of things to do in Omaha along with their address and a little brief so that you can know about the details of the activities and precise locations of that place from your staying address. However, the places to visit in this city are endless as it covers everything from zoos, museums, and waterparks to bars, children’s parks, concert halls, political places, and more. But, if you still want to know about any particular type of destinations to visit then do let us know about that through the comment box mentioned below. 

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