What Do I want to Eat? – Some Healthy Solutions for your Cravings! 

what do i want to eat

What Do I want to Eat?

Do you often land up on a stage where you are wondering to yourself what do I want to eat? In this article about hunger pangs, we are going to share some exceptional and healthy food items that you can eat and fulfil all your odd time cravings! Eating out some unhealthy food just for the sake of cravings can become a very unhealthy habit. For this, it is important to know what you can eat at odd hours that don’t do much damage to your health.

Eating habits are the backbone of our lifestyle. It can really make or shape our bodies and our health. So constantly check what we eat and how much we are eating. Most of the time, people are not actually hungry, but they end up eating anyway just because they have a craving for something in particular.

What Can We Do?

Well, there is no shame to address the question of What do I want to eat that can prop up in your brain at any hour. For this, we can manage to make out healthy dishes that are equally tasty but healthy. In addition, there are several health tips that you can use to minimize these cravings and take a healthier turn in your life. So, along with some delicious recipes, we are also going to share some simple tactics to handle these odd food cravings.

Is it normal?

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Yes, getting random food cravings is entirely normal. Moreover, the mind can put out more appetites or interests in food, especially when you are idle. This idle state of mind and body mainly occurs around bedtime. That is why a lot of people have the urge to munch on something in the dark hours. However, during this time, your body doesn’t need to eat anything. It is just the brain that is forcing you to think in such a way.

Tips to keep in Mind!

Check out some tips and tactics to keep yourself from munching unhealthy snacks that too at odd hours. By inducing these simple tactics, you can bid farewell to all those extra calories that you are taking in for no reason.

Keep up the Hydration

One of the best things to keep yourself from overeating when your body doesn’t require any extra calories is to keep up the hydration. By increasing the water intake on a daily basis, your stomach will feel like it is full at all times. This doesn’t mean that you cut down on your normal diet. By drinking water at regular intervals, you can keep up the fluid levels in your body and stop the stomach from sending hungry signals to the brain. Besides killing the non-essential hunger pangs, water has several other immense health benefits. It can really add a lovely glow to your skin. Moreover, regular hydration is also great for your organs like kidneys and liver.

Get into a Routine 

If you are getting the question of what I want to eat frequently, this could mean that your lifestyle needs some changes. Having a flawed sleep cycle and nurturing unhealthy habits is one of the prime causes of bad eating habits. When you are not sticking to a normal and active routine, your body goes into a different mode. Slowly and eventually, you can develop more and more unhealthy habits that will start affecting your health. The best way to current an off-track schedule is by setting up rules and boundaries in life with discipline. Once you start with a proper and healthy daily schedule, you will notice that your body is not having any random food cravings.

Wonders of Workout

what can i eat

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Several studies that took place recently have concluded that we must work out and stay active at least for 20-45 mins per day. By keeping our bodies regular active, we can dodge a lot of health issues. If you frequently get the urge to eat junk food that too in odd hours, then you must start working out. By working out, we don’t mean any intensive workout routine. Just some good old cardio will do the job as well!

The condition with working out is that you need to be consistent in order to see some actual results from it. If you plan to induce a certain amount of workouts in your life, then you can start with flexible timings. Many times the person fails to continue their workout routine due to time constraints. That is why initially, for beginners, it is best that they don’t set a particular fixed time for it. However, keep the during of the workout fixed in order to get the best results.


what can i eat

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As we mentioned earlier, most of the hunger pangs and junk food cravings that we get are non-essential. There can be several reasons behind this. However, one of the most common reasons behind this in current times is the instability of our minds. Due to the stress-fueled and anxiety-driven life, our minds are rarely at peace. In order to solve this issue, we can rely on mediation. A sound mediation can help reduce the stress level in our minds and bring a certain level of stability. If you follow up a well-disciplined schedule with some evening or nighttime mediation, you will defiantly see some remarkable results. There are several ways to start up your habit of meditation. Either you can take some assistance from a professional meditation coach, or you take a self-guided meditation as well that you can find on sites like Youtube or Instagram.


Due to the rough and rigorous lifestyle, your body can accumulate a lot of toxins in the body. To get rid of those is by taking up food items that help you to detoxify. When you are hit with the urge of what do I want to eat, you can ease out the solution. That is by consuming something that can clean the body toxins. In this manner, you will fulfil your cravings and move an inch towards a healthier life as well. For example, you can sip on some warm green tea whenever you feel like eating despite having your stomach full.

Monitor Sugar Levels

In many people with fluctuating sugar levels problem, this urge to eat is quite common. If you already have a case of diabetes diagnosed, then you should consult your doctor about this. However, if you have a case of diabetes, then you might want to go for a check-up. Don’t go for a check-up just because of the random urges to eat. If there are other symptoms that match with the diabetic ones, you should definitely have a word with your doctor and get yourself tested.

Professional Help

A small urge to eat something on a full stomach can happen to anyone. However, if the urge is extremely high and persistent, you need some professional help. There might be an underlying issue/problem that is causing this urge as well. So, to play it safe, it is advised that you seek a doctor if you are facing an extreme case of chronic and intense hunger pangs.

Healthy Alternatives That You Can Munch On! 

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Go Green!

An excellent way to keep the diet in check despite having the urge to eat at random times is to replace junk items with healthy foods. The best way to do this is and get it done is by inducing as much green as possible in your diet. For example, instead of munching on some unhealthy fried chips, you can have a bowl full of green peas. You can make the boiled green peas delicious by adding several seasonings and dressing to them.

Egg it Up! 

To satiate the hunger pangs, one might go for the instant option and munch on something that is full of carbs and calories. However, this random consumption of carbs may cause a lot of harm to your body. So, to replace it with a better option, you can consume something equally taste but much more healthy. Here, we are talking about Eggs. Yes, these wonder protein-packed snacks are an excellent alternative to potatoes or any meat, instead of adding fried potatoes or processed meats to your sandwiches. You can add some sliced boiled egg along with some dressing.

Small Intervals 

what can i eat

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Another hack to avoid these strong and unhealthy hunger pangs is to eat more frequently. Here, we don’t mean that you eat the main course after every 2 hours. What is advised here is that you divide the meals into gaps and eat something light after every 2 hours. With this tactic, you will never overeat and also save yourself from the regular hunger pangs. Reducing the quantity of your main course and add light yet healthy snacks in between.

What Do I Want to Eat – Conclusion

By following these hunger management tactics and tips, you can save yourself from a lot of needless junk food bingeing! So, slowly inducing these small yet practical tips into your lives and see the magical difference!

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