Top 5 NBN Deals with Unlimited Data

With the intensive internet activities that you can do today such as streaming high definition videos as well as online gaming, you can expect that more and more people are going for internet plans that offer the fastest speeds as well as unlimited data. In terms of the latter, below are some of the top NBN deals that you can consider without any data allocation cap.

Spintel Broadband Plans

  • NBN Unlimited Plus 50/20

One of the best NBN deals that feature an unlimited data plan comes from Spintel. For only $59 a month, you will already get to enjoy a 50Mbps typical evening speed along with your unlimited data. This is one of the best NBN deals available because apart from a no-contract term, it is also one of the cheapest plans available. 

  • NBN Unlimited Premium

There is also the option for you to go for Spintel’s NBN Unlimited Premium plan which offers unlimited data in the Ultrafast speed tier. This means that with this plan, you can expect a typical evening speed of 100Mbps for only $74 a month. Just keep in mind that this promotional pricing is valid for the first six months of your subscription because thereafter, the plan costs $84.95 accordingly.

Mate elite mates nbn™ Home Superfast

For people who need a plan in the superfast speed tier, Mate provides the best offering. You may be surprised that this plan only costs $89 per month currently. Normally, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars per month for an NBN plan in the Superfast speed tier, which is why this is one of the best deals available. Just keep in mind that you will only get the chance to enjoy this plan if the FTTP or a select HFC connection is available within your vicinity.

Tangerine Standard Speed UNLIMITED

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If you want an unlimited data plan in the standard speed tier, then go for the one offered by Tangerine. For only $44.90 a month, you already get to experience a typical evening speed of 25Mbps which already proves to be sufficient for small households. This is a great NBN deal because, with the unlimited data plans in this speed tier, this one offered by Tangerine is the most cost-effective. The great part is that this plan also features a no contract term. 

Nevertheless, if you want to have a good idea of other plans from Tangerine with the same features, what you can do is to compare NBN deals at In doing so, you will also have the opportunity to browse Tangerine plans from other speed tiers.

Belong Broadband Plans

As Telstra’s budget-friendly alternative provider, it’s no surprise that Belong offers some of the best unlimited internet plans. 

  • Belong Standard Plus Unlimited NBN Plan

With the Belong Standard Plus NBN 50 Plan, you get unlimited data with a typical evening speed of 48Mbps for only $70 a month. This is perfect for up to 4 internet users who want to enjoy unlimited browsing and online streaming simultaneously. On top of that, the plan does not require a contract so it is ideal for renters and people who are always moving. Although you need to pay for a modem at $60 upfront or $5 every month for 12 months, you can avail the plan with no activation fees and no early termination charges. 

  • Belong Premium Unlimited NBN Plan

If you have a bigger household with multiple internet users who need to regularly download and upload huge files, perhaps for work, business or school, then an NBN 100 plan would cater to these requirements.  For only $90 a month, Belong Premium Unlimited NBN Plan offers unlimited data with a typical evening speed of 95Mbps. You don’t need to sign a lock-in contract to avail the plan so you can terminate it whenever you like. Plus, if you don’t have a modem at home, you can get one from the provider as part of the upfront cost ($60) or on a monthly installation basis ($5 for 12 months).  Compared to the Standard Plus plan, Belong Premium is twice as fast, definitely great value for your money.

MyRepublic Unlimited Home Fast Promo Flexi Plan

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MyRepublic NBN plans are popular for gamers but whether you are into online gaming or just want to download or stream tons of HD or 4K movies all night long, this provider is your best bet. For an uninterrupted internet experience, consider getting the MyRepublic Unlimited Home Fast Promo Flexi Plan. 

Priced at $79 a month, the plan features unlimited data and a typical evening speed of 83Mbps, which can support up to 9 devices simultaneously. For the equipment, you can opt for a BYO modem or a high quality TP-Link VR1600v Modem, which costs $149 plus $10 delivery fee. Looks a little pricey at first but with this TP-Link device, you can connect up to 20 WiFi devices and maximise your connectivity at home.

The good thing with MyRepublic is you have an option to add a home phone bundle for local or international calls. On top of that, you can also avail a Gamer Pro Add-On for an additional $10 a month to enjoy gamer perks and access an exclusive network for gaming.

The Bottomline

The NBN deals listed above are only some of the best plans that you can consider in case you are after unlimited data. Rest assured that you will be able to find a plan without a data allocation limit in any speed tier from different providers. With an unlimited data plan, you won’t have to worry about any surprises in your bill at the end of the month because you went over the data allowance of your plan.


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