Tommy Lee Net Worth: How rich is the co-founder of Motley Crue’s 1900s band?

Tommy Lee net worth has gathered attention of many people

Who could forget the vibe of Los Angeles in 1981 when three musketeers of music armed with heavy metal music instruments obtained the attention of the entire city with a single hit. That’s right, this band is called Motley Crue, which is responsible for building Tommy Lee Net Worth as the drummer, Nikki Six Net Worth as Bassist, and Micki Mars as the guitarist. And last but not least, Vinci Neil is the mainstream singer. To the reader’s surprise, it didn’t take long for Motley Crue to cover the entire music industry with their wings. The craze of Motley is still a thing in the 21st century. Yet, unfortunately, in 2015, all four members of the band declared their retirement. 

After almost 30 years of monarchy in the hearts of fans, all four members of the band have said Goodbye to the big stage. What fans are most curious about is the Motley Crue band member’s net worth? How much did the drummer Tommy Lee earn from his lifelong career in music? Spoiler Alert: it is more than you think!

What is Tommy Lee Net Worth? 

To begin with, Tommy Lee is one of the founding members of the original brand and band called “Motley Crue.” Even though he is only the drummer in the band and not the lead singer, still, his net worth is the highest among all other members of the mentioned band. 

According to our research, Tommy Lee’s total net worth in 2021 is $75 million. In 1981, Tommy Lee co-founded and joined the band as the lead drummer. However, before the commencement of the band Motley Crue, Tommy Lee was on the high road to becoming a proper musician. To the reader’s surprise, he also has released multiple studio albums before the band. However, when the fame of Motley Crue as well as the companionship of Nikki Sixx, Vinci Neil. And Micki Mars caught up to him. He settled well in the band. 

Tommy Lee Net Worth

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Not many fans know this, but Tommy Lee originally comes from Athens, the state capital of Greece. He was only 18 (legal) years old when he started dropping studio albums. From pre-teen (when he was four years old), Tommy Lee used to spend a lot of time playing drums. When he entered college and found himself unable to pursue anything but music, he dropped out and joined Motley Crue at the age of 19. 

Sounds like “Dreams come true for those who believe!” 

Is Tommy Lee the richest musician in the Motley Crue band? 

When it comes to famous 1900s bands, generations still listen to these bands and feel nostalgic. Thanks to every Motley Crue song you download from the web, it adds to pennies in the pocket of Motley Crue members’ pockets. But, which member has most of the money? Here comes the answer, and it is – Tommy Lee, the drummer. 

According to comparison stats on Tommy Lee Net Worth with other Motley Crue members’ net worth, Tommy’s is the highest, i.e.., $75 million.

On the other hand, the bassist and co-founder of the band, Nikki Sixx’s Net Worth, is $50 Million. At the same time, Vince Neil’s net worth (lead singer) also stands at $50 Million. And last but not least, Mick Mars, the guitarist’s net worth, is $70 Million. 

Thus, it is quite clear that Tommy Lee is the richest member of the band. 

Tommy Lee was part of other music bands as well.

Do you think you know everything about your favorite tattooed 1900s musician? Well! Here comes the surprise – do you know? Tommy Lee had also formed another band called Methods of Mayhem in 1999 when rap music was wildly hanging on to dear life in America. Thanks to Tommy Lee, in 1999, Los Angeles heard the first-time mix of rap with heavy metal music, and the time was wild. 

To the reader’s surprise, meanwhile, Tommy Lee was working with Methods of Mayhem music band members, he quit Motley Crue, which also led to multiple rumors. However, none were ever confirmed. 

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 The band “methods of Mayhem” was so prominent that you can still purchase its albums in CD form off of Amazon. It is also one of the defences why Tommy Lee is the richest member of both bands. 

But, what you may not know is that Tommy Lee, at some point, was also part of other bands like RockStar SuperNova and Jack’s Mannequin. Without a doubt, among the four bands, the highest gross income was created by Motley Crue, leading to the unusual infrastructure of Tommy Lee’s net worth. 

Tommy Lee net worth of 6% goes to his mansion

Believe it or not, but celebrities and American musicians live far more luxurious lives than fans could witness. According to the new insights, Tommy Lee’s total net worth is $75 Million. In comparison, he lives in a $4.4 million worth mansion in Los Angeles, specifically, Brentwood arena. What’s more interesting about this mansion is that it is “japanese-inspired.” Along with that, it has a “Brazilian interior design,” which makes it much more luxurious in the market. 

However, in 2021, Tommy Lee has put his mansion up for sale on the market. The highest value of the mansion caught in the market is $6 Million. Does this mean Tommy Lee is leaving LA? What do you think? 

Is Tommy Lee married? 

Well! Who does not want to marry the rockstar from the 1900s most popular band? So, the answer to the question is yes. Tommy Lee has been married to Brittanny Furlan since 2019. To the reader’s surprise, the couple tied knots on Valentine’s day. As of today, Tommy Lee is 59 years old and soon turning 60. On the other hand, Brittany Furlan is only 34 years old. Hence, the couple is embracing love irrespective of the age gap of 25 years. 

Before marrying Brittany Furlan, a comedian and American actress, Tommy Lee was single for 20 years. To the reader’s surprise, before Brittany, in the late 1900s, Tommy had been married and divorced three times. His first wife, Eliane Starchuck, was a model (not very popular at the time). 

Tommy Lee Net Worth

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What’s most shocking about the couple is that they separated after only seven days of marriage. According to the previous insights, the couple was in a live-in relationship for two years. However, nothing was revealed about why they separated? Rumors are, before Tommy Lee, Eliane had an interest in many popular personalities in the industry because of which insecurities concerning her honestly were raised. But, nothing was verified at Tommy’s end. 

After divorcing Eliane in 1985, Tommy Lee moved into a new relationship with Heather Locklear, who was also a struggling actress at the time. In 1986 only after a few months of dating, the couple tie the knot. Their marriage lasted 7 years. The reason for divorce was never revealed. 

Did you know? Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson tied knots.

After the 1900s most famous television show – Baywatch, Pamela Anderson, has known as the hottest television star. In 1995, after 2 years of divorce, the second wife – Heather Locklear, Tommy Lee, and Pamela Anderson, announced their marriage. However, pretty much everyone in the industry has seen it coming. The couple had been in a relationship for a year and were very much revealing about their sexuality in public. 

But, yet again, the marriage didn’t work for long. In 1998, Pamela Anderson filed for divorce and separated from Tommy Lee. However, this time, the reason for divorce came to light. According to Pamela’s divorce request, she based her request on abuse and spousal battery (non-traumatic force). 

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Another reason for the couple’s divorce was based on the sex tape stolen and leaked by an unknown electrician. According to Tommy Lee, at this moment, the problem in their marriage actually began. 

Does Tommy Lee have children?

The answer is yes. Apart from Tommy Lee’s list of broken marriages with beautiful women, he has fathered two handsome sons named Dylan Jagger and Brandon Thomas Lee. Apart from three marriages, Tommy Lee only had children with Pamela Anderson. Both sons are pursuing careers as musicians and modeling. 

According to our research, Tommy’s son Brandon Thomas Lee has been on various reality shows on American television. However, his current net worth is only $1 for now. In contrast, Dylan Jagger Lee has been involved and evolved as a prominent model who has already worked for brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, and so on. 

His net worth is also around $1 Million only. 

Tommy Lee Net worth minus $400,000 in 2015

No matter how bright a celebrity’s life appears from the rearview of fans. But, the dark side of the industry comes out. Something like this happened to Tommy Lee in 2015, after which he decided to retire and sit back without any drama. 

According to the insights, in 2015, Tommy Lee performed a roller coaster stunt which became highly famous and created a lot of sensation among fans. Not only this, but it also led to heavy financial profit. As a result, increased Tommy Lee Net Worth by a lot. Later on, Tommy Lee received a summons for a lawsuit filed against him by Howard Scott King, a PR personality. According to King, he suggested the roller coaster stunt idea for which he didn’t receive any approval. Later on, he found out that Lee executed the idea all by himself without giving him any kind of financial or visual credit. 

Tommy Lee net worth has gathered attention of many people

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This led Tommy Lee to lose $400,000 in settling the lawsuit. 

Tommy faced charges for a racial attack on a black security guard.

There’s a lot of happiness in the world. However, parallel to it, hatred based on race is challenging to get rid of. In history, the world has witnessed many celebrities breaking down in public with anger, rage, and embarrassment. In 1997, something like this happened at a concert of Motley Crue when Tommy Lee openly made racist comments against the black security guard. Not only this, but he also tried to provoke 2500 attendees of the concert to hit the security guard. Things got very ugly when Tommy poured a drink over the guard’s head. Upon public complaint, Tommy faced on-spot arrest, which led him to pay a lot of money to the security guard in order to drop the lawsuit. 

Pamela Anderson got him jailed for a few months.

When it comes to counting down to Tommy Lee Net Worth and his talent, fans must be proud. However, do you know? After the birth of their son Dylan Jagger, Tommy abused Pamela Anderson for giving more attention to the kid. Not only this, but Baywatch’s superstar also filed a complaint against him on the counts of domestic violence and abuse, after which he lived in jail. 

Tommy Lee Net Worth

Conclusion – Tommy Lee Net Worth

With so many instances of Tommy Lee abuse, behavior against different races, and more, we hope that you have got the gist. It has been two years since Tommy married Brittany, and the couple is still together. Fingers crossed for this one! For more information about what your favorite celebrities’ lives look like from the inside, keep us in your bookmark! Till then, good luck!

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