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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by blizzard entertainment. Pits two teams of six players against each other in a variety of objectives, ranging from capturing control points to defending/assaulting specific points on the map. Each player chooses one out of 21 characters, called “heroes,” which all have a unique style of play and are tasked with battling the other team to accomplish an objective. Overwatch was released on May 24th, 2016, and quickly became one of Blizzard’s fastest-selling games.

The game also garnered praise from critics for its gameplay and its use of character, although the game’s loot box system was criticized by some.

Talking about success of Overwatch Esports:-

Due to the game’s success and large player base, overwatch players has gained a massive competitive scene. Many fans wonder if the game will be able to exist as a successful esport, comparable. Many argue that combat in its current state is too casual and not intense enough to be a successful esport. There are complaints of random players getting gold medals every match, ranging from the “least talented player on his team” to “one trick pony with multiple characters.”

On the other hand, many argue that overwatch players may be too intense as a competitive esport. Considering the number of variables at play with each match, including different maps and 12-14 players per team, it’s easy to see why some think the game is too intense for esports.

In addition to this, there are complaints about certain characters being too “broken” from a competitive standpoint, such as Reinhardt’s massive shield, symmetra’s teleporter, tracer’s ability to “warp around the map,” and widowmaker’s extreme range.

In light of this, there are some who say that overwatch should “be more like cs:go” or other competitive fps games. However, not all agree with this statement. Many players and overwatch fans believe that the team-based aspect of the game and heroes having unique abilities is what distinguishes it from other fps games and should be kept in mind when looking at overwatch as an esport.

 Talking about Overwatch Players community:-

The Overwatch Players community is often divided on the issue of whether the game’s player base is “too casual” or if it should move towards being more competitive. From an outsider’s perspective, I would lean towards saying that overwatch has been and should continue to be a casual game, considering the team-based aspect of its gameplay that makes it unique from other fps games. At last, I would just say Overwatch players should be more serious when moving towards competitive play, but not to the extent of making it “more like cs:go” or even Blizzard’s past hit title, diablo 3.

Regarding the founders of Overwatch esports:-

Blizzard has quickly embraced this new competitive scene and hosted their first overwatch world cup in November 2016. Many teams from all around the world came together to compete for a prize pool of three million dollars, which was partially crowdfunded by buying cosmetic items in-game.

In light of the world cup and other upcoming tournaments, Blizzard released an official overwatch players competitive mode on June 28th, 2017, that is meant to be a more serious, ranked experience for players. However, many fans worry that the current state of competitive mode is not serious enough, and the game will not have a chance at being an esport.

Blizzard, the game’s developer, seems to want to embrace both casual and competitive play with their current design of “competitive mode.” blizzard is trying to keep the casual aspects alive by having it just be ranked play. Casual players can play competitively without worrying about elo or anything that goes into traditional ranking systems seen in games like League of legends. This is seen as Blizzard’s attempt to try and “bridge the gap” between casual modes like quick play and more competitive modes like competitive mode.

They cite several things as being too casual or “easy-mode,” such as quick play’s matchmaking, which only accounts for time spent playing instead of rank. Players also do not initially see their real ranking in overwatch, only a provisional one that caps at the diamond, encouraging players to “climb the ladder” in order to see their real rank. Another point is that quick play matches have only one map available, whereas competitive mode has three in rotation, giving an unfair advantage to those who are able to memorize all three maps well.

Overwatch was met with a largely positive reception from critics, who praised the game’s accessibility and enjoyable gameplay. However, many have criticized the toxicity found in the competitive scene as well as disappointing support from Blizzard.

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