Signs of Cocaine Addiction (2023): The Complete Guide

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Addiction to anything is bad for your life, especially when you cannot get freedom from that. From alcohol to drugs, there are different harmful and life-taking addictions that people adopt these days. Among all of them, cocaine is the one which is most easily available and has very terrible side effects. Knowing about the early signs of cocaine addiction can help you become attentive at the right time and indulge in finding the cure. 

From hormonal disbalance and weight loss to suicidal thoughts there are many signs which alarms about the worsening condition of the body. So, to guide you in advance, we made a complete article explaining about signs of cocaine addiction and its other aspects that can help you save a life more effortlessly. 

What does cocaine addiction mean?

Cocaine is a drug whose consumption can excite feelings because of the stimulation of a large amount of dopamine in the body. It can be consumed in any form including injection, smoking, or snorting. Its addiction can happen even after the first use and makes that person compulsive or unconscious. 


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The drug directly targets the nervous system and hormones which makes the body slow and irresistible to the urge of consuming the same. Although drug addiction is curable if noticed earlier and given a serious cure. 

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Below is a brief guide sharing the different signs of cocaine addiction so that you can run for early treatment. To know about them, read the below-mentioned bullet points. 

1. Running nose

Consumption of cocaine through snorting affects the complete nasal passage due to direct contact which results in continuous release of mucus or discharge from nose. 

2. Sudden weight loss

Cocaine decreases the appetite, increases the body’s metabolism, and also makes the body dehydrated which leads to drastic weight loss. 

3. Frequent mood swings

This drug attacks the mental health and makes the person’s state of mind unstable which results in switching of emotions frequently. 

4. Continuous nose bleeding

Snorting cocaine damages the nose’s skin and breaks the blood vessels because of its harshness which ends up with  nose bleed or nasal problems. 

5. Dilated pupils

Cocaine consumption results in higher amounts of norepinephrine in the body which makes the pupils look bigger in size as compared to usual size. 

6. Isolation from gatherings

Cocaine addicted individuals like to cut the wire with the outside world to avoid limitations and live in their own parallel world with freedom of thoughts. 

7. High energy and confidence

Cocaine stimulates higher amounts of andromorphin in the body which make the individuals talkative, overconfident, and super active. 

8. Varied sleeping and eating cycle

Addiction of cocaine makes the mind unconscious and the body weaker which creates blunder in the sleeping and eating cycle.  

9. Burning marks on the lips

Cocaine is very harsh and when taken orally it burns the sensitive skin of lips by making it dark and patchy. 

10. Muscle twitches

Taking cocaine makes the body weaker and dehydrated which leaves no energy in the body and eventually gives muscle twitches, sprain, or cramps. 

Note: The signs vary from one person to another as it depends on the body type, consumption level, and other factors as well. It is not mandatory that you will see all of these signs of cocaine addiction in an individual as there will be only a few of them highlighted which makes identifying the addiction more prompt. 

What are the side effects of cocaine overdose?

Addiction to drugs can result in severe side effects that lead to making the health condition worse. Below are the major side effects of consuming cocaine which is not less than a poison. 

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

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  • Vomiting with blood
  • Nausea and Diarrhea
  • Pale or yellow skin
  • Severe chest pain or heartburn
  • Vertigo
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Anxiety, panic, and hallucinations
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke or heart attack

What are some cocaine addiction treatments?

Every problem has a solution, similarly, if you identify the drug addiction of an individual in a very early stage because of the signs and symptoms then there are multiple gateways to the treatment. To know about them, read the below-mentioned points.

1. Go for Inpatient Treatment

It is one of the best treatment ideas and has the highest recovery rate. In this, the addicted person typically lives there for 30, 60, or 90 days in the clinical center to have their treatment. 

The best part is that the patient stays under the doctor’s guidance around the clock which helps in making customized treatment plans. From introducing the standard of living to the importance of social gatherings, everything is an objective of these centers.

2. Go for Partial Hospitalization Programs

It is an intensive outpatient treatment in which the addicted one comes to the clinical center five to six days a week and then goes home at night. 

It is beneficial for those individuals who can handle themselves because of backend support. From behavior therapy and medication to upskilling and recovery plans, everything is covered in this treatment. 

3. Go for Outpatient Treatment

This treatment program is for three to five days in which the addicted person takes the required therapy like group discussions and counseling and then goes back home. 

From personal consultation and educational lectures to relapse prevention, everything is considered in this treatment. It is best suited to those individuals who have the will or motivation to get sober along with a strong support system. 

Tips to help cocaine addicts

Your words and actions have the power to influence someone and save their life. Below are a few tips and tricks that can help you in guiding someone with signs of cocaine addiction. 

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  • Read a lot of journals and health articles on this topic to gather the complete education so that you share relevant case studies, facts, and figures to support your statements. 
  • Make sure not to talk rudely or in a dominating way with the drug addict as it can lead to their more stubborn behavior and continuous drug consumption. 
  • Show your constant support and understanding to them so that they can open up about their feelings and share what the exact problem in getting rid of drugs is. 
  • Let them know about the consequences or negative impact on the family or loved ones because of their addiction. 
  • Convince them to attend social gatherings, upskill themselves, and read case studies. Light up a candle of hope and motivation in their mind. 


1. What are the different treatments for cocaine addicts?

It depends on the level of addiction and according to that, you can choose one from Inpatient Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Programs, and Outpatient Treatment.

2. What are the side effects of cocaine addiction?

Vomiting with blood, nausea, chest pain, vertigo, stroke, lung failure, and more are the most common as well as dangerous side effects of consuming cocaine.

3. What are the signs of cocaine addiction?

Running nose, frequent mood swings, dilated pupils, high energy, disturbed sleep cycle, and more are a few signs of cocaine addiction.

4. What is cocaine addiction?

Cocaine addiction is a medical condition in which an individual consumes cocaine on a daily basis and cannot even resist that. The addiction excites the feeling and makes the individual unconscious. Not only that but this can also lead to death due to stroke, lung failures, and other health issues because of consumption.

5. Which are the recommended therapies for getting rid of cocaine addiction?

Behavior, standard of living, social gathering, educational, literature, motivating, and skilling therapies are the most recommended therapies to join at the beginning or lateral stages of cocaine addiction. 


Above we shared a brief guide explaining about different signs of cocaine addiction along with its exact meaning, treatments, side effects, and more so that understanding the complete concept becomes easier for you. 

Each country or even state has its own government number for the treatment of those individuals who are addicted to any drug or other bad habit. These clinical facilities provide more seamless and effortless procedures for getting rid of addiction. If you want any other help or have queries regarding the same topic then share them with us through the comment box. Till then, thank you for reading! 

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