Places Where EV Charging Stations Should Be Installed

Expansion of charging infrastructure along roads is one of the most important steps in reducing range anxiety. It is usually looked at by the governments at all levels. However, EV charging also provides a significant opportunity for developers and other businesses to increase revenue streams, draw in new clients, and add a valuable asset. In fact, a large number of respondents to the BCG survey ranked having an EV charger close to the place they visit on a daily basis as one of the top five priorities. 

In light of this, commercial EV charging stations should be installed at the following six locations. 


Grocery stores and supermarkets came in fourth place among American survey respondents for public charging locations, only second to the locations such as highways, gas stations, and parking garages. The explanation is rather simple: most people visit supermarkets frequently, sometimes even several times a week. Additionally, they frequently shop for long enough to return with a sizable EV charge. A number of grocery stores in the United States, like Whole Foods and Kroger, have already started installing EV chargers in the parking spaces. Still, there are relatively few EV chargers in grocery stores across the nation, which presents a big opportunity for both small grocers and national chains. 

Hospitality venues 

Hospitality is an important sector that has a great opportunity because of the expanding EV market. EV charging is absolutely necessary, especially for lodging facilities. For EV drivers, a hotel serves as a home away from home during their vacation, and they require a dependable location to charge before continuing on to their next destination. With EV Connect, progressive hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott have already created EV charging programs. However, not all lodging establishments should exclude EV charging from their list of amenities. EV drivers frequent eateries, cafes, and similar establishments for and stay there for long periods of time. These companies made a wise marketing decision by offering EV charging in order to attract an increasing number of EV-driving clients.

Multifamily dwellings

Charging at home is EV drivers’ top priority in the United States, says the survey. But not all electric vehicle owners have their own houses, so they might not be able to own home-based charging stations. Apartment, duplex, and any other multi-unit or multi-family property owners have a fantastic opportunity to lead the way. While many cities are racing to offer renters public charging options, more work is required to keep up with demand. Rented properties can charge a competitive fee for using their charging solutions thereby drawing in tenants.

Commercial real estate

Installing EV chargers has advantages for developers of commercial real estate as well. As was already mentioned, according to the BCG survey, parking garages were the best place to charge EVs, even if it is above supermarkets. And it means providing parking garages at large and prominent retail centers such as malls for a lot of Americans. In case you own a commercial property, installing EV charging stations can entice EV drivers to choose your shopping center over rivals as they frequently spend more than 20 or 30 minutes in your garages or parking lots. Further, you might draw in more business tenants, who are always looking for new ways to reward their staff members who drive EVs. 


All the businesses must compete fiercely to draw in new employees. According to recent surveys 32% of workers stated they would outright turn down the offer to work for a company that didn’t prioritize sustainability. So, hiring managers should give careful thought to it. Although it’s just one component of the sustainability maze, having EV charging installations at your workplace is a very important. Additionally, if potential employees are concerned about sustainability, they will be much more likely to choose an electric vehicle if they haven’t already. One essential way to demonstrate your support for their efforts is to give them space to recharge their EVs. 

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