Paula Abdul Net Worth, Car, Early Life, And More (2024)

paula abdul net worth

Paula Abdul is one of the most successful and richest American dancers, actors, producers, choreographers, and singers as well. She is a multitasking woman who is still holding a strong position in the industry and working for the last four decades. As of now, Paula Abdul net worth is estimated to be around $20 million which is big enough to live a luxurious life. 

Paula started her journey from being a cheerleader of the Los Angeles Lakers and switched to television star, music choreographer, songwriter, singer, and so on with the passage of time. So, to know more about Paula Abdul net worth, her sources of income, early life, controversies, and more, read the complete blog. 

1. Real name Paula Julie Abdul
2. Celebrity name Paula Abdul
3. Date of birth June 19, 1962
4. Place of birth San Fernanado, California, US
5. Occupation Actor, Choreographer, Singer, Producer, Dancer, and Songwriter
6. Relationship status Divorced
7. Net worth $20 million

Paula Abdul Net Worth

Paula Abdul is a major contributor to the American entertainment industry. She has hands in multiple professions which gave her massive name, fame, and money throughout her career. As per many sources, it is reported that the current Paula Abdul net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. 

popular female singer

Her constant professional evolution in the field gave her many opportunities to rise in her career graph and make an unforgettable place in the audience’s heart. She worked as a judge, actor, choreographer, and producer at the beginning of her career but now she has moved her complete attention to her music and singing passions. From giving hit pieces of work every now and then to earning major revenues out of them, she has walked a long path in her profession. 

Paula Abdul Early Life and Education

The real name of Paula Abdul is Paula Julie Abdul. She was born on June 19, 1962, in San Fernando which is located in California. Her parents’ names are Harry Abdul and Lorraine. Paula’s ethnicity is Jewish. She also has an older sister named Wendy. 

Since childhood, Paula has been very passionate about dancing and for learning it, she used to attend ballet, tap, and jazz dance classes. Talking about her education, she went to Van Nuys High School, and from there she graduated in the year 1980. Furthermore, she also enrolled in California State University, Northridge to learn about the broadcasting field. 

Paula Abdul Career Life

At the very young age of 18 years, Paula Abdul started her career by cheerleading in college for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and soon became the core choreographer of the group. Soon, in the coming years, she grabbed the attention of the Jacksons and got the chance to choreograph their music video named “Torture”. 

This production made her work popular and welcomed more contracts. Not only this but at the beginning of the 2000s she also made several superhit DVDs including “Cardio Dance”, “Get Up and Dance”, “Cardio Cheer”, and so on which made her very popular. 

Furthermore, she also acted in a lot of movies including “American Beauty”, “Action Jackson”, “The Running Man”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, and more. After a short break, Paula made a reappearance on television from American Idol as a judge for eight seasons. Following that, she judged one more show named The X Factor and later, also started her own show named “Hey Paula”. 

Paula Abdul Sources of Income

Paula Abdul net worth is around $20 million which she has earned from different sources of income. Her primary sources of earning are acting, choreographing, and singing. But apart from that, she also earns a hefty passive income from tours, endorsements, social media handles, guest appearances, producing, ticket selling, judging, and so on. 

paula abdul net worth

As per some sources, her salary for judging “American Idol”, “The X Factor”, and “So You Think Can Dance” was around $5 million and more for each show. Not only this but her ticket sales of “Under My Spell tour” alone crossed the margin of $60 million. Furthermore, her other albums also turned out to be commercially superhit and added charm to her bank balance.  

Paula Abdul Real Estate

As per many sources, Paula Abdul bought a beautiful home in the year 2000. This property was situated in Sherman Oaks, California, and cost her around $1.285 million. 

It had 4679 square feet of living room, five large bedrooms, four bathrooms, a double staircase, a fireplace, a private patio area, a high-tech kitchen, a garage, a master bath, a private balcony, and so on which used to make the living experience royal and comforting. 

But, in the year 2012, Paula Abdul sold it for a very reasonable profit at the price of $1.884 million only and moved somewhere else. Apart from this one property, there is nothing much known about her real estate investment. 

Paula Abdul Car Collection

Paula Abdul net worth is around $20 million which allows her to invest in good and royal vehicles. Some of the fast and luxurious cars that are owned by this multitasking woman are Mercedes CLK, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz S Class, Chevy Suburban, and so on which alone add a great value to her total net worth and asset list. 

Paula Abdul Endorsements

As already shared above, brand collaboration has a very significant role in Paula Abdul net worth as she makes a pretty good amount out of this. She has worked with many big brands and promoted them through advertisements, social media posts, calendar photoshoots, and so on. Some of her most remarkable endorsements include brands like Reebok, LA Gear, Diet Coke, and more. 

Paula Abdul Tours

Paula Abdul has fans around the globe and to bless their ear with her melodious voice she often organizes musical tours in different corners of the world. Doing this not only helps her in promoting her songs but also makes her connect better with the audience. Some of her musical tours’ details are mentioned below so have a look at them. 

famous actor female

S. No. Tour Name Year
1. Under My Spell Tour 1991 to 1992
2. Straight Up Paula Tour 2018 to 2019
3. Club MTV Live 1989
4. Total Package Tour 2017
5. Magic Summer Tour 2024

Paula Abdul Philanthropic Activities

Paula loves dogs and in the year 2009, she made people aware of the National Guide Dog Month so that mass people not only support this concept but also give dogs deserving care, security, and love. For this, she also collaborated with Dick Van Patten and made people aware of how a guide dog can help blind individuals in living a more independent and easier life than before. Apart from this, Paula is also against animal cruelty and that is why she never wears clothes or accessories that are made with real fur. 

Paula Abdul Appearance

Paula Abdul is a 61-year-old Jewish woman who has a stronghold in Hollywood. Her height is 5 feet and maintains a balanced body weight. She has a decent clothing style and mostly carries a blonde wavy hairstyle. Abdul also has round doody eyes and a pretty smile which grabs everyone’s attention.  

Paula Abdul Personal Life

Abdul has a relationship history that is full of ups and downs. In the year 1992, Paula married one of the successful actors, Emilio Estevez but soon after two years, the couple got separated. Later, in the year 1996, Paula fell in love with Brad Beckerman who is a popular clothing designer. 

paula abdul net worth

They married each other at the New England Carousel Museum which is situated in Bristol, Connecticut. But, again due to some personal reasons, her second marriage also didn’t work out and they got divorced in the year 1998. 

Her relationship list doesn’t stop here as after ending her second marriage, she dated other Hollywood celebrities like Jeff Bratton, John Caprio, and Colton Melby. Furthermore, as per many sources, it is a rumor that she is currently dating JT Torregiani with whom she started the love angle in the year 2007 but shared an on-and-off journey of togetherness. 

Paula Abdul Controversies

There are a few cases, allegations, and controversies as well which are associated with Paula Abdul’s name and some of them are mentioned below so have a look at them.

  • In the year 2004, Paula received a total of 2 years of probation because of her hit-and-run case in Los Angeles. For this, she also paid a fine of US$900. 
  • Some of the contestants and fans accused Paula Abdul of making harsh and off-the-track statements in the show named “American Idol” which she did not accept and explained as a side effect of the heavy dosage of medicines she used to take at that time. 
  • In the year 2008, a die-hard female fan of Paula Abdul was found dead near her car in Los Angeles. The cause of death was drug overdose and this entire case was all about Celebrity Stalking. 
  • In the year 2023, Paula Abdul filed a case of sexual assault against the producer of American Idol, Nigel Lythgoe. Her accusation was that the producer used to harass her during the 2000s when they were working together on this show. 

Paula Abdul Awards and Achievements

Paula received a lot of nominations and won awards for her long-term contribution and tremendous work in the entertainment industry. This recognition always motivated her to work more for her fans and never take a break from her career. Some of the awards that she has won are mentioned below so have a look at them. 

S. No. Award Name Work
1. American Music Awards (1990) Herself
2. Billboard Music Video Awards (1989) Straight Up
3. Los Angeles Music Awards (1992) Spellbound
4. People’s Choice Awards (1991) Herself
5. YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund AMY Awards (2006) Herself
6.  Primetime Emmy Awards (1989) The Tracey Ullman Show 


  1. How much is Paula Abdul net worth?

As per many sources, the current Paula Abdul net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. 

  1. What are the sources of income of Paula Abdul?

Acting, producing, songwriting, singing, dancing, choreographing, social media, ticket selling, brand endorsements, and so on are some of the sources of income from which Paula Abdul earns hefty money. 

  1. What is the Paula Abdul car collection?

 Mercedes CLK, Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz S Class, Chevy Suburban, and so on are a few cars that Paula Abdul owns and travels in. 

  1. Is Paula Abdul married?

Paula had two marriages but currently, she is divorced and as per rumor she is dating JT Torregiani with whom she shared an on-and-off journey of togetherness since 2007. 

  1. From where did Paula Abdul studied?

Van Nuys High School and California State University are the places from where Paula Abdul completed her studies and graduated scholarly. 


Above in this guide, we shared all the briefs of Paula Abdul net worth, her career and early life, awards and achievements, car collections, controversies, real estate, and so on which might have helped you in getting a closer view of her life. Paula has been working in the entertainment industry for more than 40 years and always excelled in her skills to give better to her audience. I hope the page helped you and if you want to know anything else then do let us know through the box mentioned below. 

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