Do Money Affirmations work? Let us find out in this article!

Money Affirmations

To begin with, We are all well acquainted with Newton’s law which states that we get what we attract. We are solely responsible for what we get in life. Therefore, one should always have an affirmative prospect towards life. When it comes to money, the mantra is no different. In addition, Do you know the term Money Affirmations? Do you know how it works? If not, then you are reading the right article. So, Money affirmations, its meaning and how it works are the topic for today’s essay. Let us begin! 

Understanding the term “Money Affirmations”!

Do you like the money? Isn’t it the silliest question to ask! I mean, a fool will say No to this question. Firstly, piece of million-dollar advice for you. I hope you will work on it. Secondly, the most necessary mantra to attract money is to stay positive. Never say or even think that you do not have money.

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Moreover, Wealth affirmations are the positive words that help you attract money. But, apart from that, you first need to make up your mind. Also, It would be best if you gave away all the negative thoughts about not having enough money. To attract money, one should never doubt themselves. However, Wealth affirmations are not just mere words. They are a belief that you have money.

Money affirmations are not just a camouflage! In other words, They prepare your mind and soul to put some effort in the right direction to make money. Moreover, Many wealthy celebrities believe in the law of attraction. In addition, All the big celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga, Steve Harvey, etc., affirmed their way to immense wealth and fame.

Just like in any other task consistency and dedication is the key to attract money. Not for a single moment, we should let the negative thought come to our mind. To be clear, the trick is to control the mind and push it to think positive no matter what. I know; it doesn’t look effortless. However, once you try it, positive thoughts will come to mind effortlessly. As a result, You need not push the thoughts to mind after a time being.

How do these wealth affirmations work?

Wealth affirmation generally starts working when you recite these mantras daily. With reciting, you must believe it to be true. Also, It will help if you trust the mantra to feel the magic. Moreover, along with repeating and believing, expecting results from the affirmations is equally essential. This is because one should know the exact goal behind their efforts. These rules might seem simple to you but will start boring you!

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Furthermore, Some people start using the wealth affirmations but leave it eventually. Some stop believing, some start thinking negatively, or some grow out of the concept. Moreover,  because of these minor obstacles, money slips away from such people. Always remember, cash attracts those people who draw it. For those who have faith in themselves and start reciting the mantra positively, money attracts such people.

There should not be a single drop of negative thoughts in your mind. Remember, Rome was not built in a day! It took a lifetime to create the most powerful roman empire. What did Romans do? Did they have a Harry Potter magic wand? Did they wave the wand, and Rome got built? Or was the magic in the air?

To begin with, The most powerful Roman Empire was the result of a dream Augustus saw. He believed his goal to be accurate and started working on it every day. Augustus wanted it so badly that Augustus made it the reason to live. He worked hard for it. Therefore, we can say that the Roman empire is the result of immense efforts towards his vision. He was in constant motion to make his dream come true. Moreover, History is the most honest witness of Augustus’ vision and how he fought for it! Now, to attract money, you have to become Augustus.

Popular money affirmations

We have been talking about these affirmations for quite a long time now. So let us check out what they are! 

  • I naturally attract good fortune.
  • I release all resistance to attracting money.
  • You are a money magnet.
  • I attract money quickly and effortlessly.
  • Money flows freely to me.
  • I accept and receive unexpected money.
  •  I am worthy of a positive cash flow.
  • Prosperity is drawn to me.
  • There is always more than enough money in my life.
  • Wealth constantly flows into my life.
  • I deserve to be paid for my skills, time, and knowledge
  • My finances improve beyond my dreams
  • I have a positive relationship with money and the know-how to spend it wisely.

Some more affirmations to attract money

  • My income exceeds my expenses.
  • I am open and responsive to all the wealth life brings me
  • My job/business allows me to live the life I desire.
  • I am attracting money at this very moment.
  • My finances improve beyond my dreams.
  • You are  connected to the universal supply of money.
  • I have the power to create success and build the wealth I desire
  • You give myself permission to prosper and grow.
  • I am worthy of all the richness I want.
  • Every dollar I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied.
  • I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance on its way
  • Money chooses me, always.
  • I believe myself having money, and I receive more money.
  • Money is drawn to me constantly.
  • Money falls into my lap.
  • You attract wealth to me from all directions.
  • I attract massive amounts of money to me.
  • You breathe in abundance.
  • I allow prosperity to flow into my life.
  • You can find the positive in my money situation.

And Some more

  • I believe in my ability to use the money that comes into my life to meet my financial goals.
  • It is within my power to create a successful financial future.
  • With hard work, I can build the financial future that I desire.
  • I have the discipline to make complex financial choices now to enjoy a more leisurely life later on.
  • I am in control of my spending.
  • My debt doesn’t control me; I manage it.
  • Making choices to build wealth today can allow me to create the life I desire.
  • I can learn how to manage my money better.
  • I am excited to keep my finances on the right path.
  • My actions perpetuate a life of prosperity.
  • You can track my expenses and stick to a budget.
  • I am ready to make my financial goals and dreams a reality.
  • I am excited to start and establish my money-making goals.
  • You are a successful money saver.
  • It’s easy for me to change my money story.
  • I reclaim my money power.
  • I choose to be organized and responsible with money.

That is all about the Money affirmations. Try and recite at least ten of them daily. It will be worth your time and effort. Let us find out how to include these affirmations in your daily life in an efficient way.

Efficient ways of using Money Affirmations

We will discuss how to apply these affirmations in your real life. Trust me. If you understand them correctly, you will become unbeatable. For example, do you know how Lady Gaga and others born from celebrities became rich and continued growing more affluent and more prosperous? In this section, we will spill some secrets about efficiently using wealth affirmations.

  1. Firstly, you need to believe that you are worthy of becoming a millionaire. You should think that you deserve that kind of money and you can handle it. Believe this will build self-confidence in you. Once you take a step forward, the whole world will follow.
  2. Secondly, you need to make up your mind. Throw all the negative thoughts and doubts in a dustbin and put a cap on it. Never doubt yourself. Make your body a temple of positivity.
  3. Now, try and learn all the money affirmations by heart. Recite these affirmations while working in the office. You need not speak loudly for the world to know. You can repeat them in your mind. This will build confidence in you to do better.
  4. Moreover, you can play these affirmations on your phone, TV, Laptop. Also, spare ME time once a day and listen to these affirmations. They will give rise to the fire of motivation. As a result, you will feel motivated every second. Your mind will start putting in efforts to make money. Furthermore, wise thoughts will automatically come to your mind if you push your mind to listen to money affirmations. Days are not far when people will call you a millionaire.

Why did People fail?

People like Lady Gaga, who rose from dust to become a millionaire, never lose hope in what she believed. Now people will ask, “Why did we not get any success”? Why did we fail even after putting in so much effort?

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I want to ask such people a few questions. Did you genuinely believe the mantras? Did you never doubt yourself? Some people practice the mantra for a few days or a mantra. However, after not seeing any changes, they leave the practicing saying it is useless. But, of course, it is futile if you are not putting your mind and soul into it.

On the other hand, people who continued the practice are now the wealthiest in the world. It is essential to note that miracles take time and effort to become true. Those who accept it touch the sky. However, those who think it is worthless remain where they are or even worse!


In the end, I hope you like this article regarding the ways to attract money. Moreover, This article includes all the possible ways to use these affirmations efficiently. Once You trust yourself and start using the mantra, you will see life-changing events happening in your life all of a sudden. Thus, do not forget to Repeat, Believe and Expect! I am ending this article hoping it was helpful. Thank you for your time, and take care! 

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