Mattress Mack Net Worth (2023): The Ultimate Guide

Mattress Mack Net Worth

“Mattress Mack” is the nickname of James Franklin McIngvale, who owns a business empire named Gallery Furniture. This American businessman has unstoppable sales and success, making him a worldwide name. Talking about Mattress Mack Net Worth then it is estimated to be $300 million, which Jim earned by working every day in the store. 

Mattress Mack has a very polite, greeting, and hardworking nature towards his customers and business which lead to a never-ending growth. To know a lot more about Mattress Mack net worth, personal life, career graph, awards, and achievements, read the complete article with patience. 

1. Celebrity Name Mattress Mack
2. Full Name James Franklin McIngvale
3. Date of Birth February 11, 1951
4. Birth Place Mississippi, United States
5. Height 1.74 meters
6. Weight 62 kilograms
7. Relationship Status Married
8. Net Worth $300 million


Mattress Mack Net Worth

Mattress Mack is ruling over the market and his current estimated net worth is $300 million which is earned from multiple sources of income apart from his business. He has set up the main branch and office of “Gallery Furniture” in Huston because of the elite location of the store. 

He uses unique and attractive advertisement strategies which help in increasing customer relationships and brand value. Mack has multiple branches in almost every city in America which gives him an estimated monthly salary of more than $2.5 million. 

Net Worth Over Years

His annual income from multiple sources of income is around $30 million which allows him to invest in major assets and live a royal lifestyle. The entire growth of Mattress Mack net worth is as follows:

S. No. Year Net Worth
1. 2023 $300 million
2. 2022 $280 million
3. 2021 $250 million
4. 2020 $220 million
5. 2019 $190 million
6.  2018 $160 million

Mattress Mack Early Life

This mastermind businessman was born on February 11, 1951, in a place called Mississippi which is located in the United States. James used to live with his brother named George who soon started working as a real estate marketer in Huston. 

Mattress Mack was very much into completing his studies as he went to Bishop Lynch High School and Texas State University which are located in Dallas and Denton, respectively. Not only this, but he was also very fond of sports which gave him entry into the University’s football team. 

After the completion of his education, he started working in a small store from where he got fired because of some unshared reasons. This incident made him feel bad about his condition which led to motivating him to do more hustle for achieving major career goals.  

Mattress Mack Career Life

Before being a mastermind, it is very important to learn the tactics, tips, and tricks behind that objective. Similarly, James Franklin McIngvale started getting knowledge of business, sales, production, advertisements, and marketing by working as an employee at a furniture store that was located in his town only. 

After getting the complete idea about running a furniture business, he soon started his furniture shop with the support of his brother named George. The location of the shop was in Houston and the total investment for setting up the store was $5000. 

Soon by following the right advertisement strategies like door-to-door flyers and nailed signs, they made a turnover of $10000 which was his first step in achieving milestones. From starting with a home-modeled store to opening its branch in the year 2009 near the elite Galleria area of Huston, Mattress Mack started fulfilling each aim one by one. 

Now, he is planning to open more branches and expand his business around the world. His dedication and passion for his customers and staff are the main points behind his achievements as he makes sure that he provides them with the best services and fulfills their expectations. 

Mattress Mack Real Estate

There’s not so much briefed about his properties and house but rather his interest in investing a lot in the field of real estate. He has a big mansion in Houston where he lives. His home is loaded with high-tech amenities and has a peaceful theme. 

His mansion has large bedrooms, a wonderful terrace, a playground, a gym area, a large sitting hall, a garage, a clean pool, and other lavish facilities. The entire mansion is spread over a broad area which provides enough space to renovate anything effortlessly. As per many sources, he also has invested in properties in Dallas, Los Angeles, Starkville, and more. 

Mattress Mack Car Collection

Mattress has a lot of wealth which allows him to spend on his interests and desires including automobiles. This rich personality is often seen traveling in luxurious and expensive cars. 

He has a high-tech garage for keeping them and taking care of the same. Some of his car collections include Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Jaguar, and a lot more which make his presence more royal and elite in any gathering.

Mattress Mack Philanthropy

Mack believes in helping others and carries a very kind nature toward people around him. He has done a lot of charity and good work for helping people financially and emotionally. During the year 2017, he supported the survivors of Harvey by opening his stores to fulfill their needs.

Not only this but in 2019, he collaborated with Crisis Clean Up to serve free food and shelter to the affected families of Tropical Storm Imelda. 

Even in 2021, he opened the doors of his store to the survivors of the Texas Power Crisis and Hurricane Ida by offering hot food and warm clothes to them. He used to do different charity drives and run campaigns for the help of unprivileged and poor people. 

Mattress Mack Awards and Achievements

Good work always pays back with major rewards, respect, and designations. Similarly, Mattress Mack has also received awards for reasons like serving best to the customers, doing charity, and running different social campaigns. 

Some of his main awards and achievements include “The Points of Light Award” and “The National Legion of Honor Award” for helping thousands of people during natural calamities.  


Above we saw a closer view of Mattress Mack net worth, cars, successful journey, awards, and achievements which made us informed how he started from scratch and still earning unexpected money. I hope that the page fulfilled your expectation and if you still want to share anything else then connect with us through the comment box. Thank you!


Q1. What is the full name or real name of Mattress Mack?

Mattress Mack is the name given to “James Franklin McIngvale” because of his successful furniture business with the name of “Gallery Furniture”. 

Q2. What is Mattress Mack net worth?

Over the year, Mack raised his net worth from $160 million to $300 million during the year 2018 and 2023, respectively.

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