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Do you also want to know about Jelly Roll net worth and find no such credible source? If yes, then finally you jumped into the right place as we have got all the true information for you in this post. From his early life to real estate and endorsements, we have mentioned everything in this article that will give you a closer view of his life and success.  

jelly roll net worth

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Jelly Roll is an American rapper, songwriter, and country-rock singer who has been winning hearts for the past 20 years with his melodious and connecting songs which are highly encouraged by the youth of the world. His hard work and dedication to music have blessed him with a lavish lifestyle, a huge fanbase, and incredible stardom.  

Currently, Jelly Roll net worth is estimated to be $4 million which he achieved because of his immense focus, love, and passion for music. He believes in living a high-standard life and cherishing each moment with celebration. To know a lot more about Jelly Roll net worth, source of income, career, early life, awards, and so on, read the complete article. 

Jelly Roll Net Worth 

Jelly Roll’s skills in music production have made him walk on the stairs of success. Today, he has everything, whether it’s family, love, fame, or wealth. With a net worth of $4 million, Roll has achieved a sense of self-actualization but still, he has not stopped working daily on himself as an artist to create the best out of the rest. 

It is estimated that Jelly Roll’s monthly income is about $40,000. His major source of income includes selling large numbers of albums, sponsorship of mix tapes, and his YouTube channel as well. The list doesn’t stop here as he also increases his bank balance from his music tours, live concerts, and collaboration with other artists. 

Jelly is one of the highest-paid and most highly demanded singers in this world because of his talent for adding energy and enthusiasm to lyrics. Talking about his YouTube channel which solely adds charm to his net worth has more than 1.65 million subscribers and 300 million plus views on albums which gives a great spike to Jelly Roll net worth. 

Jelly Roll Real Estate

There is no such exposed or briefed information about Jelly Roll’s real estate. Yet, all we know is that he has a high-tech and luxurious home in Nashville, Tennessee which is his hometown. There, he lives with his family, including his beautiful wife and lovely daughter. 

Jelly Roll somewhere believes in keeping his family identities and personal issues to himself only but this is very tough to do when someone is a popular personality as people connect with them and want to know more about them. 

Jelly Roll Car Collections 

This amazing and talented singer is very fond of luxury cars. He has an immense love for automobiles and customized vehicles. Jelly Roll is often seen driving high-tech and expensive cars which screams about his elite standard of living and rich personality. Some of his car collections include:

  • Lexus LS 460
  • Mercedes Benz AMG
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Lamborghini
  • Range Rover 

Jelly Roll Endorsements

Jelly Roll is very humble and helpful to those who are unprivileged, stuck in judicial circles, and want to learn something. He has done a music show in Nashville and contributed that entire collection for the making of a music school for local juveniles who want to begin their life from scratch. 

Not only this but he also does a lot of charity for the support and help of those individuals who are lagging in their life because of depression, anxiety, self-injuries, and addictions. Jelly Roll volunteers with organizations like “To Write Love On Her Arms” which works for the welfare of society and youth. 

Moreover, this kind man has also been a part of many benefit programs by singing there and giving that collection for the sake of different causes like Hurricane Katrina relief and more. 

Apart from this, Jelly Roll also sells his merchandise for his crazy fans which is easily available on his own website and also makes a big plus in Jelly Roll net worth. He is influencing everyone to do good work for the world and its people. 

Jelly Roll Early Life

Jelly Roll’s real name is Jason DeFord. He was born on December 4, 1984, in his hometown Nashville, Tennessee. Since childhood, he was interested in music and was willing to learn it. He grew up in the Antioch community and had a very difficult life. 

The identities of Jelly’s parents are not exposed or shared by him and because of that telling about the roots of his early life is a bit difficult. He has two brothers and one sister whose names are Scott DeFrod, Roger DeFrod, and Shelby DeFrod, respectively. His father left her mother in her early teens which affected their upbringing and lifestyle a lot. 

Jelly Roll Early Life

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His financial condition and responsibilities taught him a lot and eventually became a source of motivation to do something great in life. Earlier, he also went to jail because of some unethical activities but after coming out from there, his personality changed into positive. 

Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie Xo who is a model and also used to be her good friend. The couple also has a daughter named Bailee Ann who has already started following her father’s footsteps and performs with him in multiple concerts to get the confidence. 

Jelly is very straightforward, reserved, and honest when it comes to his family or personal life. He is also very fond of getting tattoos and his every ink has a meaning related to his life’s ups and downs. 

Jelly Roll Career 

In his teenage years, Jelly Roll started hustling, writing, and rapping to showcase his work and skills in the industry. His first album was “Halfway House” which was released in 2005 and that soon became very popular. 

After five years, he started collaborating with other artists in the music industry which majorly consists of “Pop Another Pill” with rapper Lil Wyte, which was one of his big hits and got crazy love on YouTube.  

Jelly Roll Career 

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From here, he started achieving milestones in his career. Further, he released a lot of mixtapes and also hustled for the SNO group album called “Year-Round”. This production was released in 2011 in collaboration with DJ Paul and Juicy J. 

In 2012, he also introduced his fans with his first solo studio album known as “The Big Story”. His awards and achievements never took pause from that point in his life. Whether it’s grabbing the 17th position in the top rap albums chart or getting invitations or collaborations for music, Jelly Roll never disappointed his fans. Due to all this, Jelly Roll net worth is $4 million and even increasing.  

Jelly Roll Awards and Achievements

Jelly’s art has given him many titles, honors, and rewards which show respect for his work and also motivate the upcoming stars. Some of his life’s major highlights include:

  • More than 100 million views on YouTube.
  • Around 1.5 million listeners on Spotify.
  • 2021 Billboard Music Award for Top New Rock Artist.
  • CMT Music Award: Male Video of the Year 2023.
  • CMT Music Award: CMT Digital-First Performance of the Year 2023. 

Jelly Roll Life Lessons

There is a lot to learn from his life but the top 3 life lessons that he promotes and is vocal about include:

  • Make your struggle your motivation.
  • Keep dreaming and work to make it real.
  • Always be humble to others. 

Jelly Roll in News


Above we learned about various life perspectives of Jelly Roll and how he became a successful man even after starting from scratch. He truly represents the fact that an individual doesn’t need money and links in the industry to be successful in the field because if they have legit skills then nothing can stop them to get the best life. 

This 36-year-old man has overcome every hurdle of his life and becomes an inspiration for millions. He is still exploring music and trying to bring something new and interesting every time for his listeners. If you want to know anything else about him and have something to share, then please mention that in the comment box as we will love to connect with you. Thank you for reading.


1. How much is Jelly Roll net worth?

Currently, his net worth is $4 million which includes everything his cars, concerts, merchandise, albums, and real estate. 

2. Does Jelly Roll sells his merchandise?

Yes, he sells merchandise for his fans with his name and logo printed on it. All of those products can be bought from his official website. 

3. What is the age of Jelly Roll?

Currently, he is of 36 years. Jelly Roll is married and he also has children.   

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