How To Train Chatgpt: 3 Easy and Effective Ways

how to train chatgpt

Chatgpt is ruling over the internet because of its amazing outcomes and assistance in completing any task. But, to get the desired result, it is very important that you train it in the most appropriate way according to your needs, requirements, and expectations. This tool not only helps in market research and blogging but also helps in writing marketing copy and creating customer service forms. However, mastering the prompts and setting up the system has a very crucial role in getting the advantages of these tremendous bot features. So, to help you in this matter, we made a complete guide answering how to train chatgpt which will surely guide you in getting the best result as per your given commands. 

How to train chatgpt?

Getting the most relevant answer to your given prompt is all that an individual expects from Chatgpt and for the same, there are three most effective ways which you can try. So, let’s read about them without much ado. 

1. By using ChatGPT plus

If you own the subscription plan of ChatGPT then you have access to use desired plugins for sharing your data with this tool and getting the best answer. To know about its steps, read the below-shared points:

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  • First of all, get a subscription of ChatGPT which is known as ChatGPT Plus and also gives access to GPT 4. 
  • Once done, click on the three dots that are mentioned in the bottom-left and select “Beta features” from there. Doing this will allow you to enable the plugin. 
  • After this, click on GPT 4 and start a new chat. 
  • Doing the previous step will pop up some options below, among which you need to click on “Default”. 
  • Now, move your cursor and select the “plugin store” option. 
  • At this step, you need to browse and install the plugin as per your data type. Some commonly used plugins are Zapier plugins, Scraper plugins, PDF plugins, Video insights plugins, and so on. 
  • Once you installed the plugin, enable it from the GPT 4 conversation menu or log in if required. 
  • Finally, give ChatGPT the link to your data source and write the prompt for the task you want to be done. Doing this will give you more accurate, data-driven, and personalized results. And, this is how you can easily train ChatGPT. 

2. By using custom instructions

It is one of the best answers to how to train chatgpt as it does not require any subscription and is accessible for all types of users. Following this method gives the bot more details about your project, requirements, data, and so on that leads to applicable results. To know about its steps specifically, read the below-shared points:

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  • First of all, open the web version of ChatGPT and click on your name which is present on the bottom left section of the screen. Once done, select “Custom Instructions” and press OK to enable the customized command-giving feature of this chatbot. 
  • Once done, now you need to enter your precise, crisp, and specific details in the first custom instruction box. In this, you can add anything including work history, previous data, sales figures, feedback, interests, expectation, growth rate, and so on other details which will help in making the response more up to the mark. 
  • After that, in the following section, you need to fill in the requirements of the type of response you want from ChatGPT results. In this, you can add anything about the series tone, preferences, grammar, tense, proficiency level, format, and so on that will help in making your result more palatable, easy to understand, and up to the standards. 
  • Doing the previous steps appropriately will train chatGPT well enough to share the best results according to the instructions and commands you have given to it. However, you can also change the custom instructions for future responses, if needed which make each result more personalized. 

3. By creating customized chatbots

Using any third-party chatbot builder or training tool is the ideal solution for noncoders to get their own version of ChatGPT for responding accurately according to your data type, website needs, and given commands. To know more about it, read the below-shared steps:

how to train chatgpt

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  • First of all, find and create an account of a third-party custom ChatGPT chatbot builder that will support your data type and train ChatGPT according to you only. For this, you can use various tools like socialintents, aista, customgpt, chatbase, and so on. 
  • Once done, create an API key, if needed. 
  • After the primary setting and installation are done, you need to compile all your training data in a single folder so that all types of file format easily get uploaded and supported by the custom chatbot creator. 
  • Now, all you need to do is follow the instructions given by your training tool and share your data with the ChatGPT creator. This data can be entered manually and includes name, address, goals, user name, and so on which helps in making the responses according to your requirements only. 
  • At this step, the training of your custom ChatGPT is done which means you can run it effortlessly on your website or any application. 

Tips for training chatGPT

There are a few things that you should mention in your prompt or follow while giving commands to ChatGPT as doing that will surely help you in getting better responses and making your output unique from others. So, to know about those tips and tricks, read the below-shared points:

how to train chatgpt

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  • Share details of your brand guidelines which may include vision, value, mission, tone, and more.
  • Make a template of your command and edit it accordingly every time you want a new response. 
  • Give the details about your target audience like age, gender, location, like, dislikes, habits, and other details so the response becomes more personalized. 
  • Share your own case studies, events, history, examples, and other scenarios in the command box to get effective and data-driven results. 
  • Write detailed commands as per your observation or feedback on the effectiveness of the last response given by ChatGPT. 


1. What are the requirements for training ChatGPT?

Training ChatGPT to give effective and accurate results needs only three things that are hardware (system with great GPU and processor), software (IDE, Python, and so on), and training data sets (excels, documents, videos, and more). 

2. What algorithm does ChatGPT follow?

ChatGPT has three main algorithms that include fine-tuning, GPT 3, and transformer architecture. 

3. What are the disadvantages of using ChatGPT for marketing purposes?

Some of the cons of using ChatGPT for marketing purposes include poor facts, limited understanding, and technical glitches.  

4. How to train ChatGPT?

The easiest, most understandable, and quickest way of training ChatGPT is to use ChatGPT Plus or the custom instruction feature. Apart from this, using a third-party chatbot builder is also a way to train ChatGPT for your application or website. 

5. What are the advantages of training ChatGPT?

Some of the pros of training ChatGPT are that it is cost-effective, available 24*7, gives creative ideas, and easily integrates with other tools. 


Above we shared a brief guide answering how to train ChatGPT along with its other tips and FAQs which might have helped you in getting the best understanding of this topic. There are multiple ways of training ChatGPT and getting the most accurate as well as data-driven results but above we shared only the most common and effective methods for the same. Hope the page helped you and if you still want to ask something then connect with us through the box mentioned below. 

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