The Better Way To Set Homepage In Chrome.

 Google Chrome and their Default Homepage

Today in this article will will brief you about Google Chrome and their setting and different and the Better Way To Set Homepage In Chrome.

Google Chrome is a web browser with the help of which a repository of information on the Internet can be accessed. Likewise ,Chrome is available free of charge to all internet users. And it is usable in all  devices like computers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Chrome Browser is the most used and popular web browser in the world. Also, web apps are runs in Google Chrome as it serves as platform for other google product.

Google Chrome Browser was first launched in September 2008 for Microsoft Windows only. After the success of Windows OS, it was also developed for Mac, Linux and Android, and iPhone devices. In conclusion the  Chrome browser is  used as the main browser on devices worldwide in recent time.

How to set Google chrome

First of all, when we open Google Chrome, Google is visible to us by default. If we have to make the setting, we use the three-dot menu button located on its left side. There are many other options of settings, which you can see in the photo below-

In this way, we have to go to the settings of Google Chrome, then this type of screen is displayed in it –
When we open the setting of Google Chrome, the option at the top of it is that of Google Account. This is the same Google Account we know by the name of Gmail, and it shows on your mobile when you log in to Google Chrome. When we go inside this Syncing to option, we get the option of signing in to Google as to where we can also sign out from there using Sign out of chrome.

Apart from this, we use an Add account to add any other google account.

Activity in google chrome

Just below this, you get the option of Sync, on which you can turn your Bookmark, History, Passwords, and other settings on or off on all your devices. Moreover  all your search history or bookmarks, or other settings are applied to all your devices.

In Chrome Browser, we can set Home Page. And you can even make your favorite website the default home page. Before that, we will see what the homepage is.

Meaning of Homepage

The homepage is also called “Start page or Home page.” The main web page or initial page of any website is called the home page. Whenever you open a specific website, its first page will be the home page.

We will give you complete information about setting up Custom Homepage in Google Chrome. You will know how to set Homepage in Chrome Browser? And how the Home Button is look  in Chrome?

The Home Button is not visible in the By Default Chrome Browser because Home Button is disabled.

Chrome Browser provides two options to set the home page: First New Tab Page and second Custom URL.

We can make our favorite website home page through the second one, i.e., Custom URL.

Below we are telling step-by-step what is the way to set Custom Homepage in Chrome Browser?

How to Set Default Homepage in Chrome Browser?

#1 – Open Chrome Browser.
#2 – Go to the Chrome menu and click on Settings.
#3 – Go to Appearance and turn on the Show home button.
#4 – Now, write your custom URL.
#5 – After typing the URL, click on the Home Button.

Step  one to set homepage

The Better Way To Set Homepage In Chrome.

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First of all, open Chrome Browser on your computer or laptop. To open it, double-click on it with the mouse.

Step two to set homepage

The Better Way To Set Homepage In Chrome.

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In no time, Chrome Browser will open in front of you. Now go to Chrome Menu in the top right corner and click on Settings.

Step three to set homepage

Now, Chrome Settings are open in front of you. To show Home Button, you go to Appearance and click on the button present in front of the Show home button.
When you can see the Home Button that time it will be added just before the Address Bar . You can see this in the screenshot below.

Step four to set homepage

The Better Way To Set Homepage In Chrome.

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On enabling Home Button, some additional options are opened to us.

New tab page: This is the first option. By this, we can make the New Tab Page as the home page which loaded Google Logo , Search Bar and some shortcuts.

Custom URL box: By this, we can make any active URL a homepage.

Step  five to set homepage

The Better Way To Set Homepage In Chrome.

From here you select the Custom URL Box by clicking on the Radio Button at the bottom of the New tab page. And which website you want to make the home page. Type its URL in this box

After typing the URL, click once on the empty space and to check the home page set by you, click on the Home button next to the address bar.

Some features of Chrome Browser


Google Chrome Browser has simplest Use Interface . Because as soon as you open the Chrome browser, nothing else is visible in front of you except the search box. Therefore the user completes his work without deviating from the purpose. The simplicity of Chrome Browser makes it User Friendly.

More security

Google takes great care of the safety of its users. Since Chrome is a Google product. Therefore Chrome Browser meets all the criteria of security. Google Chrome declares all those websites as insecure that do not use the https protocol. And also warns the users that this site is not safe.


By Default Chrome browser appears in white background. But, Google Chrome gives its users complete freedom to decorate it as per their choice and provides tools.

Any user can apply the theme of his choice and change the appearance of Chrome Browser. Any how you want to change the White Background, then you can use Backgrounds for this.

Fast Browser/software

Chrome Browser or software  searches the Internet faster than other browsers available. That is, you can quickly search for information for yourself. Chrome has fastest browsing speed .

Variety of Language

Additionally ,You can also use Chrome Browser in your local language. Because Google Chrome is available in about 50 languages


There are about 150,000 extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. With the help of which you can make Chrome browser more powerful. Because extensions give additional features and power to the browser.

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