How to Remove Fiberglass from Skin? The Ultimate Guide

Fiberglass is a man-made textile fabric that is made up of very fine and thin glass fibers. It gives any object more stability, power, insulation, and toughness which helps in increasing its durability while making it safer too. Fiberglass greatly troubles the makers by irritating their skin, eyes, nose, and throat. So, to answer their question of how to remove fiberglass from skin, we have made this article. 

You can see fiberglass anywhere including many construction area and household objects. From electrical insulation and plumbing insulation to filters and ceiling tiles everything is made up of fiberglass. To know more about fiberglass do’s and don’ts read the complete article.  

How to Remove Fiberglass from Skin? 

There are a lot of problems associated with fiberglass making and installation which can affect the makers in multiple ways. But above all of them, the most commonly heard is sticking, inserting, or contacting fiberglass with skin. So, let’s see how you can solve the same: 

  • Once you figure out the issue, make sure you do not rub or scratch the skin otherwise the fiberglass can go underneath the skin.   
  • Start by washing the skin or area with normal warm water and use any mild soap or body wash there. 
  • After this wipe the skin with a soft and wet towel or any piece of cloth. Make sure you do not go harsh else you will get rashes or redness. 
  • Even after doing this, if you can still feel fiberglass then you should use the trick of adhesion. 
  • For this, all you need to do is paste tape on the skin and remove it gently so that the minute fiberglass can stick to it and come out from there.

Note: An individual should not use compressed air technology to remove the fiberglass from the skin.

how to remove fiberglass from skin

Risks Related to Fiberglass

Working in the making of fiberglass can be really very injurious to health as it invites many issues like:

  • Continuous irritation in the eyes which can lead to redness of the eyeball and uncontrollable itching. 
  • Chest infection which can lead to long-term cough and cold.
  • Pain in the stomach. 
  • Throat soreness or tonsils. 
  • Deep cracks in fingers.
  • Lung cancer because of breathing in fiberglass making place. 

Tips for Being Safe from Fiberglass

Although problems related to fiberglass manufacturing are not so complicated but if it is being ignored then it can result in a major health issue. Below are some tips and tricks that an individual must follow for decreasing the risk of being affected by the fiberglass:

  • Use industrial rubber hand gloves while working with fiberglass to eliminate the factor of direct contact.
  • Make sure to wear good quality and protective masks like N95 so that zero particles get entry into your nose, throat, and lungs.
  • Be attentive to wearing a protective and full coverage face shield and eye goggles so that the glass fiber doesn’t hit the eyeball.
  • Wear full sleeves and long-length clothes so that your skin doesn’t get exposed to fiberglass and you stay fully covered.  
  • Change your dress after completing the work with fiberglass. The tip here is to carry two clothes daily.
  • Make sure to clean the workplace with a wet wipe or mob so that every piece of fiberglass gets cleaned from the workstation or platform. 
  • Keep in check that you wash your eyeballs and use eye drops for cleaning the eye or removing dust particles after a long working session. 


All the problems related to fiberglass are easily curable and do not have any long-term side effects. The most important factor of consideration here is not to rub or scratch the affected area otherwise it would be harder to remove the fiberglass from the skin. 

An individual must keep their edibles or clothes away from the workstation as they are very minute and can easily stick anywhere. If you face extreme swelling and itching then you must visit your nearest doctor for medications. 

I hope that the article helped you and still if you have any other queries, suggestions, or home remedies then share the same with us through the comment box. Till then, thank you! 


Q1. Do fiberglass workers are prone to get cancer?

The chances are very low but yes, a few workers get affected from lung cancer due to inhaling the dirt and glass particles. In a situation like this, an individual must wear a mask and provide a shield to respiratory organs. 

Q2. What are the various things made of fiberglass?

You can easily find fiberglass available in furnace filters, ceilings, and many other electrical insulations. It gives durability and life to any object by providing insulation and strength. 

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