How to Get Rid of Sore Throat from Vaping (2023): The Complete Guide

how to get rid of sore throat from vaping

A lot of people enjoy the experience, the burst of flavors, and the entire sensations that vaping gives them but the same individuals later suffer from a sore throat or other health issues and the reasons behind this can be anything including the vaping frequency, flavors, base liquids, nicotine, and smoker’s flu as well. Vaping makes your throat dry and itchy in a very short period, which is uncomfortable and problematic too. So, to bail you out of this issue, we made a complete article answering how to get rid of sore throat from vaping so that your health always stays top-notch. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the causes and cures. 

What does sore throat mean?

Throat is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body which gets affected very easily by external factors. Talking about a sore throat, it is basically a health condition where the nasal passage becomes dry, itchy, and painful, which may cause extreme discomfort if not given a proper cure. 

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Although it is not something to worry too much about and has multiple remedies as well. A few common reasons behind a sore throat can be changing weather, consumption of nicotine, extreme pollution, and other irritants. 

What are the common causes of sore throat from vaping?

Vaping might give a feeling of relaxation or satisfaction but its consumption can cause severe sore throat and the causes for the same are mentioned below. So, let’s know about them thoroughly. 

how to get rid of sore throat from vaping

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  1. Quality of vapor: Some vapes have cheap atomizers used in them which give weird odor, taste, and sensations in the throat, resulting in irritation of the nasal passage when inhaled.
  2. Having dry puffs: If the vape has no base liquid and you are still hitting it then all you are consuming is a heated puff which directly makes your throat dry and crack. 
  3. Extreme consumption of Propylene Glycol: Most of the vape base liquid delivers nicotine to the lungs whose regular consumption affects the mucus of the nasal passage and results in a sore throat or coughing. 
  4. Exposure to heat: Vapes give heat sensitivity and high temperature to the throat and mouth, making it sore, itchy, and damaged.  
  5. Consuming freebase nicotine: Vapes with freebase nicotine means you are puffing the strongest tobacco whose harshness can make your throat dry and sore. 

Note: There can be other causes as well but the above-mentioned ones are the most common. 

How to Get Rid of Sore Throat from Vaping?

If you are a regular vape user then you might have encountered the issue of sore throat multiple times. So, to help you and give you freedom from this condition we came up with the most effective cures. Read the below-shared points to know about them more specifically. 

  1. Say no to smoking

Consumption of cigarettes or any other nicotine product should be avoided first when you want to get rid of this issue. These things can make the condition of your sore throat get even worse as they have irritants in them which also cause extreme coughing and wheezing. Smoking hypes up the condition and regular intake of it even during this time can invite other respiratory problems as well. 

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  1. Drink more water

Vaping makes the nasal passage dry and sore which can be cured only after drinking plenty of liquid or especially water. It is recommended that you should drink at least seven to eight glasses of drinking water a day so that your throat always stays wet or contains moisture which protects it from further cracking due to dryness. The pro tip here is to carry a water bottle or sipper with you everywhere for frequent sipping throughout the day. 

how to get rid of sore throat from vaping

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  1. Follow the proper inhaling style

Vaping demands the right way and techniques of inhaling otherwise it can cause minor discomfort to your body. So, make sure you puff the smoke properly so that the atomizer or smoke does not harm your throat by making it sore. The wrong way of consuming this can also provide a pathway to smoke for the lungs which is not a good thing for your health. 

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  1. Use a balm

One of the best answers to how to get rid of sore throat from vaping is to use a relaxing balm while inhaling vape. For this, all you have to do is apply a little amount of menthol balm on your chest or neck area as this will numb your throat for a while and give you freedom from the pain of sore throat. Not only that but it also opens up nasal passage and makes breathing fresher. 

how to get rid of sore throat from vaping

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  1. Sip warm liquids

The most well-known and common cure for sore throat is to intake warm liquids which include everything like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, and more. These things have tons of natural ingredients loaded inside that contain moisture, and healing properties. Not only that but it also provides warmness to the throat which is highly required during this issue. Luke warm water with honey and sugar is the best liquid to intake during sore throat as it relieves pain and provides a shield to the affected area.  


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  1. Install a humidifier

It is possible that your atmosphere is dry and has a lot of irritants roaming which may cause frequent sore throat. So, in this situation, you should install a humidifier in your place or home so that the moisture stays maintained in your surroundings and the irritants eventually vanish. This can also save you from skin cracking and drying or other health conditions as well. 

how to get rid of sore throat from vaping

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  1. What are the risk factors associated with vaping?

As of now, the most common side effect of vaping is severe sore throat, redness of eyes, and major respiratory problems. Although, medical science has a cure for all of this. 

  1. What is the reason behind getting a sore throat from vaping?

There are multiple answers to this as the cause can be allergy from any particular flavor, excessive consumption of liquid base, puffing in the wrong way, cheap quality of vapor, and so on. 

  1. How to Get Rid of Sore Throat from Vaping?

The most effective and quickest solution for getting rid of a sore throat is to use a soothing balm, drink plenty of water, follow the right puffing technique, install a humidifier, and sip warm liquids. 

  1. How is the coil of vape linked to my sore throat?

Most vapes these days use nickel coils in them to which a lot of people are allergic. This allergy eventually results in sore throat, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. 

  1. Does vaping too much can also cause sore throat?

Excessive amounts of anything is harmful to the body. Similarly, when an individual consumes too much vape, it might result in dryness of the nasal passage, sore throat, or many other respiratory issues. 


Above we shared a brief answer to how to get rid of sore throat from vaping which might have helped you in getting freedom from this condition. The best solution is to consume a good amount of warm liquid throughout the day so that the throat heals itself by getting moisture and warmth. 

However, getting addicted to anything is not good for the lifestyle and health of any individual so make sure you do vaping in a controlled manner only. If you want any further assistance or have any queries then share them with us through the comment box mentioned below. Till thank you for reading and stay healthy!

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