How to get Nail Polish out of Carpet- Simple and Effective Methods

how to get out nail polish out of carpet

About Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are really annoying and kill the whole vibe of any room, questions like how to get nail polish out of carpet always bother almost every carpet owner. Here, we are going to discuss some of the easiest and effective ways to remove nail polish stains and other patches from your carpet. Moreover, these methods are simple and will not damage your carpet’s color or print. Make sure to read this whole carpet-related article for more details.

Putting a carpet in any room is a remarkable way to enhance the outlook and ambiance. Several types of carpets come in various materials, colors, and prints. Rolling out a rug in your living room or bedroom surely looks outstanding. However, maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the carpet can be a tedious task. One has to ensure that the carpet is kept clean and stain-free at all times. Or else it can damage the outlook of the house than any good. It is a constant task, and if you have children or regular visitors at your place. Then it is almost impossible to pull it off by chance.

That is why one has to know the apt and easy methods to remove stains such as nail polish, ink, and more!

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet

Method 1- Alcohol


One of the most convenient ways to get rid of stubborn stains is to use Alcohol. There are several ways to use Alcohol to clean your carpet. The best and simplest way is to use a cotton swab or a microfiber cloth. The simple method is to dip the fabric in a small amount of Alcohol and rub it against the stain. Make sure that you don’t apply too much Alcohol on the cloth or swap. Moreover, don’t use excessive force by rubbing it harshly as it may damage the quality and color of the carpet.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush along with some quantity of the Alcohol if the stain has been sitting on the carpet for too long. By doing so and follwing this, you will be able to clean the stain out thoroughly. That too without any damage to the carpet. Another tip/trick to keep in mind while using Alcohol and a soft cloth. That is to use a bit of regular water after it. This cleaning of the carpet with a small amount of water will ensure no leftover stains or colors in the carpet.

Method 2- Nail Polish Remover

how to get nail polish out of carpet


Another easy and strong way to remove the nail polish get or any other stain on your carpet is to use the nail polish remover. Here, the use of nail polish remover is very similar to Alcohol. To clean out the mess, one has to use the same cloth (Microfiber) or the same soft toothbrush. Just dap a few drops on the cloth or the brush and gently rub it against the carpet.

With this, you will easily be able to remove out the tough stain that might be sitting on your carpet for a very long time. Here, the thing to note is that this nail polish remover is not only helpful in removing the stains that are caused by nail polish. With the nail polish remover, you can clean out the stains on your carpet that any other liquid has caused. For example, the nail polish remover can easily remove a stain by the ink or some fruit juice.

Other Tips to use the Nail polish remover

In order to apply the nail polish remover evenly, one can use the hairspray bottle and mix some nail polish remover in it. This will help you spread the polish remover easily and cover the entire area. Also, if you don’t have a spare soft brush or a microfiber cloth at your disposal. Then you can even use a soft sponge as well. The sponge will do the same job as the other two and will clean out any stubborn stain with the help of the nail polish remover.

Method 3- A Sharp Tool 

What happens in most of the stains is that as they dry out over time, they get hard on the surface. We mean that all you need to do is just to scrape them off here. By making them wet again, you may even spread out the stain instead of cleaning. So, once you notice that your stain is nothing more than some dried-out paint or food. All you have to do is find some sharp tool or object like a butter knife or a sickle.

With these tools/objects, you can easily scrape off the dried paint or any other similar stain that is ruining the outlook of your room by being there on the carpet. Now, use the sharp tools to remove the dried-out stains. Make sure that you apply some water first. Once you add some drops of water from any other stain remover, the stain gets loose again. Now, simply use the sharp tool to get rid of the stain. Scrape it off slowly and gently so that the entire stain is removed in no time.

Method 4- Commercial Cleaner 

how to get nail polish out of carpet


One of the most common ways people opt to clean out their carpets is to use the stain removers and cleaners that you can find in the stores or walmart near you. These cleaners can surely help you clean out easily, but one has to use them wisely. What we mean here is that you have used only a small amount of commercial cleaners. There are many types and variants of cleaners that are available in the market.

In order to pick the best one for you, make sure that you know the material of your carpet. The carpets are made up of many different materials. The carpets and shrugs of other materials react differently to the cleaners. So, once you find out the fabric of your carpet, make sure that you buy a cleaner or remover specifically made for that material only.

Other Tips While Using the Commerical Cleaner 

Try to use these cleaners and removers with a soft brush only. Most of the commercial carpet cleaners like vanish that are available in the market are a bit too harsh. So, if you want to save up the color and design of the carpet, then make sure to use only a small/little amount at once.


With the simple and apt carpet cleaning methods, we are sure that now you know how to take out nail polish stains from the carpet. Not only nail polish stains, but these methods can help you to keep your carpets clean from almost all kinds of stains and patches.

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