How to Dictate on Mac (2023): Quick and Easy Steps

How to Dictate on Mac

If you also have a Mac and want to use its features to the fullest then this article can help you out. Voice-to-text is one of the functions of such gadgets or devices that can make your work quicker, effortless, and supreme. So, to know how to dictate on Mac and what are its benefits, read the complete article. Let’s begin then! 

What are the benefits of dictating features in Mac? 

The manufacturers of Mac have loaded it with the most advanced features that can make the user’s life easy and fulfill all the current trends. Read the below-shared points to know how this dictating feature of Mac can be beneficial for you! 

1. Complete your task faster

Using the dictation feature can save you hours as compared to manual typing. Not only that but it also helps in relieving the stress of workload and has also proven as a painless way of getting the typing tasks done. 

2. Allow you to do multitask

Typing demands complete focus and dedication so that you do not end up making mistakes or errors. But if you use the dictation feature for converting your voice into text then you can have your hands free from that keyboard work and can use them for other tasks like sipping tea, making notes, and so on.

3. Give better output

It’s true that you learn and understand a lot more when you speak in comparison to writing which helps you in improving the content and finding errors. Not only this but the Mac’s dictation feature requires a minimal amount of energy and gives the best output from that which is very precise and up to the mark. 

How to turn on the dictation feature on Mac?

Before enjoying the benefits of speech-to-text, it is very important that you turn on or activate this function in the system, otherwise, you cannot get access to the same. So, let’s dive in to know the steps of it: 

Step 1: Select the Apple logo which is available on the top-left corner of the main screen. 

Step 2: Now, click on the option named “System Preferences”.

Step 3: After that, search for the option named “Keyboard” and click on it.

Step 4: Now you will get the “Dictation” toggle on the screen which you need to turn on. 

Step 5: After this, you need to give the required permissions for your enhanced voice recognition. 

Step 6: Lastly, just select your language and favorable shortcut key to use the dictation feature whenever you want. 

How to Dictate on Mac: Know the Complete Process

Getting your typing done accurately and quickly has become very convenient because of Mac’s dictation feature. So, let’s see the below-mentioned steps of how to dictate on Mac so that you can enjoy the benefits of the same. 

Step 1: Open the document, notes page, email, or any other blank space where you want to type.

Step 2: After this, place the cursor from where you want to begin the typing.

note pad

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Step 3: Now, press the shortcut that you have set while enabling the dictation feature in your system. Alternatively, you can also go to the “edit” menu available on the toolbar and then choose the “start dictation” option from there.

How to Dictate on Mac

Image Credit: Business Insider

Step 4: At this stage, you will notice a microphone icon which means that you should start dictating the content to the Mac. Once you are done, all you need to do is click on the “Done” option which is available below the microphone icon. 

amazing features in mac

Image Credit: Apple Support

How to set up a shortcut for dictation on Mac?

There are multiple options or shortcut keys through which you can access the voice-to-text option and to set up them, the steps are:

Step 1: First, click on the “Apple icon” which is available in the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Now, choose “system settings” and then select the “keyboard” option.

Step 3: After this, click on “Dictation” and then choose the pop-up for the shortcuts.

Step 4: You can choose any one of the aforementioned ways or can also create your own shortcut by just selecting the customize option and pressing the key you want to use for dictation. 

Step 5: Now you are done with the shortcut setup and should try it at that moment just for confirmation. 

How to fix the dictation problem on Mac?

There are times when you speak or command the Mac verbally and it does not support that because of certain reasons. But there is nothing to worry about that as they can be easily fixed. Below are some recommended tips and tricks that you should follow if you are also going through similar dictation issues. Let’s begin!

  • Try changing the language used for dictation.
  • Check your internet connectivity.
  • Select any other shortcut key. 
  • Switch to another microphone source.


  1. How to turn off the dictation feature on Mac?

For this, all you have to do is go to the “Apple Menu” option, select the “System Settings” options, choose the “Keyboard”, and then click on the “Dictation” option. Now, just turn off the toggle and you are done. 

  1. How to switch the microphone used for dictation?

To do this, first, go to the “Apple icon” on the top-left of the screen, select “System Settings”, and then choose the “Keyboard” option. Now, click on “Dictation”, then select the “Microphone source”, and finally choose your desired microphone to pick up the voice for further use. 


Above we shared a quick guide answering how to dictate on Mac along with other essential processes which can help you enjoy this feature in a more seamless and effortless way. You can use this voice-to-text function for searching for anything, giving a command, writing emails, making documents, and so on which saves both energy and time. 

In the dictation feature, if you see a blue underline below any word or sentence then it means that the system has not recognized it appropriately and later you have to make the required editing. If you want any other help or guidance then connect with us through the comment box. Till then, thank you for reading!  

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