How To Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction: 7+ Easy & Simple Hacks (2024)

  • on May 12, 2024
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how to avoid wardrobe malfunction

“Wardrobe Malfunction” is one of the fashion incidents that scares everyone as it is very traumatic and leaves haunting nightmares behind. Such events are hard to forget and hit the mind every time you wear something fancy or revealing. In such a situation knowing how to avoid wardrobe malfunction is the best thing to learn about and follow so that you can slay freely without the stress of any peek-a-boo. 

What is wardrobe malfunction?

Wardrobe malfunction is typically an “oops-moment” where the dress worn by an individual unfortunately rips off or slips down from the right position which leads to exposure of body parts. This accident can make someone embarrassed for not just that particular moment but for their entire life. 

Moreover, such dressing malfunctions often happen on ramp-walk, concerts, charity events, movie promotions, and more which are covered by various media outlets and receive massive attention from viewers. Furthermore, this can happen to anyone at any time, and knowing about the hacks of avoiding this can help a lot.

How to avoid wardrobe malfunction?

Avoiding wardrobe malfunction is not something hard and fast as following some easy tips and tricks can save you instantly from such embarrassing moments. So, to know about them specifically, read the below-shared points:

  1. Carry a scarf

 Carry a scarf

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Unfortunately, there are times when we mistakenly spill coffee, drinks, sauces, lip glosses, or any other things on our dress which can leave a stain. This heartbreaking moment can not just make you look untidy but also messy and awkward among the crowd. So, in such a situation if you have a blazer then wear that up or carry a neutral-colored scarf so that you can style that up in such a way that it hides the accidental spot and makes you look fashionable again. 

  1. Inspect the dress before wearing

Inspect the dress before wearing

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Checking your dress twice before wearing it on the actual day is a must-do thing. Firstly, you should try the dress at least a week before and secondly, you should retry the same cloth a day before the actual event date. Doing this attentively can help you avoid issues like fitting, loose buttons, stuck zippers, loose stitches, torn sections, dirty areas, and so on. Furthermore, following this tip gives you enough time to encounter and fix any possible problem with the dress so that you can wear it comfortably on your occasion. 

  1. Get freedom from static cling

Get freedom from static cling

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All of us have encountered static clinging at least once in our lifetime which does not look good on us at all. It is basically a phenomenon in which light-weighted things like clothes or sheets stick to another surface like a body, hair, or wall due to static electricity in them. Therefore, to stay miles away from this wardrobe malfunction, an individual should run a metal hanger or any wire hanger on their dress before and after wearing it as it prevents static clinging by absorbing the static charges. Moreover, the other tried and tested way to get rid of this incident is to rub yourself with a dryer sheet once you are done with wearing your event dress. 

  1. Apply double-sided tape 

Apply double-sided tape

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One of the best answers to how to avoid wardrobe malfunction is to carry and use double-sided tapes wherever needed. This tape is also very popular with the name “fashion tape‘ as it helps to hold your dress in the right place. Double-tape can help you a lot, especially with outfits that have deep cuts or close ends to your private parts. For instance, you can use it to attach your bra to the top, hold your strapless bra at the right position, or manage a ripped hem effortlessly. To use it, you just need to stick one side of the tape to your body and the other one to the cloth and you are good to go.

  1. Wear the appropriate undergarments

Wear the appropriate undergarments

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Exposure to undergarments is one of the most common wardrobe malfunctions encountered by everyone and to manage this, you just need to buy and wear the right type of bra and underwear inside. Make sure to have the appropriate set of lingerie which is not just of the right size and shape but also gives enough support to your private body parts. For instance, wearing a bra with full coverage can make you free from incidents of side boob, boob bounce, or nip slip. Moreover, wearing seamless panties is also a tip to say no to panty lines or frontal wedgie when wearing a body-hugging dress. 

  1. Prepare and carry a wardrobe malfunction kit

Prepare and carry a wardrobe malfunction kit

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Encountering wardrobe malfunction can happen anywhere anytime and carrying a tiny kit to manage the situation is all you need to have. Of course, it is not possible to have it everywhere but make sure to keep it handy on special occasions like parties, cocktails, get-togethers, weddings, road trips, and so on.  So, in a wardrobe malfunction kit, all you need to keep is double-sided tape, a few buttons, a reel of thread, fabric glue, some safety pins, a tiny scissor, bobby pins, some dryer sheets, a needle, stain-removing wipes. However, you can add more items to this kit as per your dress type and possible outfit incidents. 

  1. Keep a few extra sanitary napkins

Keep a few extra sanitary napkins

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There are times when you are menstruating and you have to attend an event at any cost with that unbearable pain and cramps. In such a situation, having period wardrobe malfunction is very common and to avoid this, you just need to carry a few extra sanitary napkins with you. Moreover, if you are not even menstruating but your date is nearby then also you must carry pads or tampons in your bags to stay ready for emergency situations. 

  1. Carry deodorant removing sponge

Carry deodorant removing sponge

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One of the embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions is getting those noticeable white stains on the armpits due to excessive use of deodorants which leaves a dry powder-like residue on the cloth. So, in case you have the habit of frequently spraying deodorants on yourself then invest in some great deo removing sponges which helps in disappearing the white spot after wiping them off. Moreover, another tip to avoid this incident is to apply deodorant from the inside of the clothes so that no white cast appears on the dress. 


Q1. How to buy clothes to avoid wardrobe malfunction?

Some of the tips to buy clothes that help in avoiding wardrobe malfunction include checking the right measurement of the outfit, matching the undergarments as per the color of the dress and your comfort, examining the stitches and seams of the dress, and keeping a check on the outfit’s transparency as well as breathability. 

Q2. What can be possible factors for encountering wardrobe malfunction?

Weak attachments of hooks or buttons, bad fitting of clothes, prone to tear or fragile material, transparent fabric, vigorous movements, instability of outfit due to environmental factors, improper set of undergarments, or poor maintenance of dress are a few most common factors that lead to encounter wardrobe malfunction. 

Q3. How to avoid wardrobe malfunction?

A few tips and tricks to avoid wardrobe malfunction include carrying a deodorant-removing sponge, keeping extra sanitary napkins, preparing a wardrobe malfunction kit, wearing appropriate undergarments, applying double-sided tapes, inspecting the dress before wearing, working over static cling, and so on. 

Q4. What are the most common types of wardrobe malfunction?

Revealing cleavage, broken zippers, uneven hems, falling of shoulder straps, sliding down of strapless dress, visible underwear seams, broken bra strap, bunching tops, lose socks, tearing of crotch area, and high slits of dresses that reveal excessive skin are some of the most common types of wardrobe malfunction. 


Above we shared a brief guide answering “how to avoid wardrobe malfunction” in which we mentioned various ways through which you can manage your sudden outfit mishaps effortlessly. I hope you have found the right way to bail out of your dress’ oops-moments in any event and if you still have any further queries or want us to share more ideas then do let us know about the same through the comment box mentioned below. 

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