How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Uber-Careem in 2022?

  • on November 8, 2022
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Mobile app development in Dubai has peaked but there is a certain intellectual capital that is to be credited for it. Before we talk down to the nitty-gritty details it’s essential to understand how apps such as Careem and Uber work. 

This article will provide a simplistic, detailed, and realistic picture of what goes into mobile app development. This article will explain how it works. When you’re done reading this article you’ll have a better idea of how mobile apps are developed. 

Uber/Careem: How does work?

First, Uber-Careem and likewise other apps initially started by finding a market gap and then fulfilling it by providing a service in the form of an app. The intention was to allow users to get transport on demand. Their idea was pinned on becoming the connection between users who want transport and other sellers who are willing to provide transport for a price. Now to make it a reality you need apps and a system which is where mobile app development expertise comes in. 

Here is an idea of what’s needed to make Uber/Careem work?

Apps like uber have three different applications that are intertwined with one another. First comes the user app through which orders or requests for rides are made. This is the main app that is downloaded by users looking for rides on a daily or occasionally. 

Second, comes the driver app which allows drivers to connect to nearby petitioners looking for rides. Mobile apps such as Careem and Uber companies usually have certified drivers who can use this app, hence it’s mainly used by workers looking for an opportunity to make money. 

Lastly, comes the admin app that allows the administration or the owners to control who is a certified and inst a certified driver. This is essentially where uber is doing work managing the safety and the consumer complaints. 

The three sides of apps come together to make up what’s Uber and Careem. Although other businesses provide a single app for all, this decision was taken for the sake of simplicity and improved management. Individuals providing services such as mobile app development in Dubai cannot do this for you as you must have an idea of how you need things for future management. 

Moreover, to make each app a success, additional features are added to simplify the life of both the drivers and customers. This is an essential part of mobile app development as it improves the success of the app 

Thinking about developing a Taxi app? Here is a realistic cost breakdown

Now that you know what’s needed to make it work, here is a cost breakdown of the app development. Three main interfaces need to be made, each of these is going to require an app of its own, or you can also make one mega app to house all three services i.e., customers, drivers, and an Uber admin. Note that this does not include the additional features that provide USP. 


Feature Hours required Total cost 
Interface or UI/UX 240  $12,000
Geolocation/Navigation 46 $2,300
Payment methods 85 $4,250
Registration and profile set-up 61 $3,050
Communication and notifications 70 $3,500
Ride fare calculator 40 $2,000
Ride cancellation and completion  20 $1,000
Total Cost 562 $28,100

Waiting for the punchline? If you wish to develop three different apps for your basic taxi service business then you’re looking at 28,100 USD x 3 = 84,300 USD to get started. Mobile apps such as Uber and Careem however don’t have basic apps. They have additional features that cost more money and time to plan, develop and integrate. It is advisable to do research on mobile app development in Dubai.

Additional costs 

Having additional features is essential to help the business position itself strongly in the market. This does not come for free, however, here are some additional features and their costs. 

Unlike Uber, careem made use of the different modes of travel such as motorbikes, rickshaws, and vans attracting more customers. These features cost money to design and implement, the cost goes further up if you decide to have different apps for each driver, customer, and admin. These additional features can include, auto-rescheduling, cancellation, auto-rerouting for efficiency, etc. 

QAs and bug fix

Quality assurance and bug fixes must reserve 30% of the total budget for testing and fixing the bugs that are found by customers or QA. This is what will ensure a smooth user experience for mobile apps ensuring growth and development.

Ending thoughts!

It may seem overwhelming at first but it’s important to understand the importance of beginning with a sound idea. No matter how well the design of the app is, if it does not serve a purpose it is likely to fail. The total cost of developing an app like uber or careem is likely going to set you back 100,000 to build a basic app. Furthermore, the bug fixes will cost 30,000 USD, and on top of that designing and implementing new features is going to vary in cost as it depends on the complexity of the feature. Some features are straightforward to code and implement whilst others take time. 

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