How much does a financial advisor make? A Complete Career Guide for Finance Graduates (Commerce)

How much does a financial advisor make?

The world’s economy is fast-growing, thanks to thousands of new startups, well-built multiple national companies, and institutes of financial studies. In the event that you are also an undergraduate or post-graduate in Finance & investment, then a financial advisor is an ideal pathway for you in the context of your career. Nowadays, students who are pursuing studies in Finance often begin to brainstorm about their careers by asking – how much does a financial advisor make? Without a doubt, after being under or post-graduate from a prominent university or college, students expect to begin their career with big bucks. 

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Well! We will respond to all your questions (?) regarding your career as a financial advisor with deep understanding and commitment. Does a financial advisor make a lot of money in the form of a salary? In short, the answer is yes. According to the statistics and our personalized research, a financial advisor’s salary widely depends on the years of experience in the mentioned field. For instance, presuming that you are a fresher, you can begin your career as a financial advisor in any firm with a minimum average salary. But more on that later. 

To understand this guide well, let’s start with a brief introduction to the term “financial advisor.” Furthermore, also learned about the duties, roles, and responsibilities of a financial advisor in any given company. 

What is a Financial Advisor? 

For the most part, as the terms “finance” and “advice” suggests in the topic — A financial advisor in any given firm is a professional who offers “financial insights and consulting services” to the company/owner of the company. Nowadays, a career as a financial advisor holds great scope. The reason is not only big firms and organizations but businessmen, celebrities, sportsmen, and other people who have much-much wealth to manage; hire a personal financial advisor. 

How much does a financial advisor make

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More often than not, the job role of any financial advisor in any given country depends on three major goals: 

  • Generation of Income (A financial advisor is responsible for creating new strategies which help the company/clientele to earn more money).
  • Eliminate or decrease the cost or expenditure (As a professional responsible for financial consultation, he/she remains responsible for looking out for any expenditure or cost inefficiency in the firm or clientele’s personal lifestyle. Further advice on how to reduce it?)
  • Manage Debts (Last but not least, a financial advisor also remains responsible for advising the clientele/company on how to manage debts so it eliminates in a given period of time). 

In business school or commerce institutes, during accounting and finance subjects, a potential student learns all these aspects. Withholding experience in the financial consultation field as an advisor, a professional has great scope. How much does a financial advisor make? With 10 years of experience in hand, a financial advisor can make up to 12 Lakhs INR per annum (in India). 

How to become a financial advisor? 

Any firm that hires a financial advisor relies on the professional for any type of investment and the risk involved in such investment. Therefore, without a doubt, to become a financial and investment advisor of big-level, you will require a high education in Finance. 

To become a financial advisor or investment advisor in India, one of the following undergraduate courses are crucial:

Business Studies (Focus: Finance)

A bachelor’s degree in business studies focused on Finance can help you begin your career as a financial advisor. In India, students in 11 grade, as well as high school, indulge in the basics of business studies. In the event that you are not a commerce graduate from high school, you will be required to switch your field and study the basics of accounting and Finance first. 

Delhi University in India is the best governmental, educational institution for business studies. It is also a beginner’s course for students who want to pursue MBA in the future. Or open your own financial consulting firm. To get admission in BS (Finance) at DU, you will need to pass the JOINT examination. 

On the contrary, many universities also offer BS courses on a merit basis. Business & Management courses are also available in the USA. The high-end job scope as a financial advisor is good for students who pursue prominent universities like Harward, Yale, University of California, Stanford and so on. 

BCH (B.Com Hons; Focus: Economics)

B.Com Hons is yet another best way if you want to become a financial advisor in the future. This is also a Bachelor’s Degree. If you wish, you can further pursue in order to get more salary in big firms. All the best universities in India offer this course (three years period), including Delhi University. In some universities, BCH is a course with a span of four years. 

How much does a financial advisor make? In India, after pursuing BCH focused on Economics, a financial advisor can make up to 4 Lakhs INR in the beginning year. As the experience of the professional increases, the scope of salary per annum is also robust.

You can pursue this course after high school (provided that you have graduated from high school with a commerce stream). Course fee of Hons per year may vary from 10 000 INR to 50 000 INR per year, depending on the stature of the university/college.

What are the skills required to become a Financial Advisor? 

To begin with, if you want to become a well-to-do financial or investment advisor, a degree is simply not enough. You will require to showcase your mainstream skills as: 

Communication Expert

As a financial advisor, you require a deep understanding of accounting and finance management. However, you will also need a good set of communication skills to impart your message to the board of directors. Thus, communication skills are simply first in line. 

Problem Solving Skills

In the business world, making your company understand the finances and investment, as well as the risk involved, is simply not enough. You will also require a good set of skills to solve various financial problems with promising strategies. 

How much does a financial advisor make?

Critical Thinking Ability

For any big firm or individual clientele, any big or small investment, purchase of assets, any other expenses matter a lot. The reason is, such investments or assets are responsible for generating income in the future and help the clientele or firm gain more and more financial success. Thus, you must showcase the ability to think of the “pros and cons of investment or purchase far in the future.” 

Presentation Skills

This is one of the most significant skill sets required to get ahead in the future as a financial advisor. Big multiNational companies have big BODs. Therefore, in a short period of time, you will have to convenience a large group of people who are risking their money to understand the risks involved. Hence, presentation skills are important. 

Logical and Analytical Skills

Handling the finances of any firm or an individual is not easy. The reason is, you are risking the company’s money. The economies of countries change very often. Market fluctuations happen all the time. In this case, you should have critical skills to analyze any economic situation beforehand and react accordingly. 

What are the best employment opportunities available for a Financial Advisor passionate?

Are you good with handling money? Do you easily analyze upcoming market fluctuation based on the current global events? If yes, then becoming a financial and investment advisor is an elite lane for you. Many different sets of firms, institutes, etc., hire financial advisors. Some of the most common workplaces for you as a financial consultant are: 

A Financial Consulting Firms

Companies or big-time organizations that have a lot of accounts to handle do not hire a single financial advisor. Instead, these companies often tie-up with a financial consulting firm in order to obtain financial strategies from time to time. You can become a financial advisor in a financial consulting firm where you will be required to handle accounts of multiple startups, firms and individuals. 

How much does a financial advisor make?

This option is on the rank one. Because, as an advisor in a consulting firm, you have the opportunity to explore various firms at a time. Thanks to this, your knowledge and job experience will increase. 

Banking and Financial Institutions

Do you want to get a job in a banking institution? In India, you can sit for the Government job examination for the post of finance officer. According to the statistics, finance officers in banks and financial institutions in India earn anywhere between 30, 000 per month to 80, 000 per month. It depends on the experience. 

In the USA, this income span may vary from 50, 000 USD to 79, 000 USD per annum approximately. 

Apart from this, investment companies, private companies that provide personal loans, real estate companies, real estate agents, CA firms, etc., hire financial advisors to get significant financial and investment insights. 

Without a surprise, since “money” is the primary factor for any “for-profit organization.” The scope of a financial advisor career pathway is endless. You can land a permanent position easily. 

How much does a financial advisor make? 

Likewise big firms, money is also a primary factor for career enthusiasts. Thus, how much does a financial consultant make is a justified question. To begin with, it is significant to mention that each country provides a salary to its citizens based on the economy. For example, if a country in itself is not rich enough, your potential salary span will also decrease. 

Hence, here are financial advisor salary spans based on different countries: 

How much does a financial advisor make in USA? 

According to the latest estimation, a financial advisor in the USA holds a scope of earning anywhere between 50, 000 USD per annum to 80, 000 USD per annum. For those who are looking for more specific digits, the highest financial advisor salary in the USA is 78, 524 USD after taxes. 

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Not only this, but financial advisors in the USA also work on a commission basis. For example, if a firm generates a profit based on the FA’s strategy, they earn a percentage of this profit as commission. The average FA’s commission per year is 35000 USD. 

How much does a financial advisor make in India?

As mentioned before, a financial consultant in India in a governmental banking institution earns up to 80,000 INR per month. That is 9, 60, 000 INR per annum. On the contrary, a fresher who holds a job as a financial advisor in a big firm. It begins from 30, 000 per month to 50, 000 per month. Again, this salary increases with time and experience. 

A fee-based or commission-based financial consultant is also a good and payable position in India. Like in the USA, commission-based financial advisors also take away upto 2% of the total profit. 

FA’s salary in Canada

Surprisingly enough, a Financial Advisor’s salary in Canada varies by experience. Mainly, from 50, 000 USD per annum to 66, 000 USD per annum on average. It mainly depends on the firm’s size, success, and one’s experience. 

20 years of experience in Financial consultation can land you a salary of $107, 000 per annum, approximately after taxes. 

How much does a financial advisor make?

FA’s salary in Dubai

In Dubai, the scope for financial advisors is far more inevitable. According to the latest statistics, a financial counsellor in Dubai marks anywhere between 50, 000 AED to 78, 000 AED. Four years of experience minimum. Not only this, but in Dubai, opportunities for financial advisors such as overtime, tips, commission, and bonuses are also open. So, if you are a willing candidate, you can do a lot better. 


So, the answer is yes. Suppose you are looking to land a job as a financial consultant or investment advisor in any country. Your experience, knowledge, and skillset matter. Apart from this, to pursue a career as a finance officer, a bachelor’s degree in Business, Economy or Finance management is an elite requirement. For more information on the subject, please drop all your (questions?) below. 

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