How Do You Repost On TikTok: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

how do you repost on tiktok

TikTok is one of the best short-form video-sharing platforms which has given all the UGC creators the ability to create and share different contents effortlessly. Not only that but in the year 2022, TikTok also launched the “Repost” feature in which you can share your own or even others’ content on your profile. Doing this basically helps in better engagement with the audience, trust building, following the trends, highlighting your profile, and more. So, if you also want to fulfill these objectives or wish to try this then read this complete guide explaining “How do you repost on TikTok”. Without any further delay, let’s begin! 

What is Repost in TikTok?

Repost is one of the features introduced by TikTok in which you can share your or others’ content on your profile or user account. This allows your audience or followers to see those reposted videos on their “For You” page along with your regular and older shared pieces of content. 

Reposted TikTok videos have the original creator’s name in the place of your username for the sake of giving credit or information about the original source of the content. This feature has a lot of benefits and makes the regular scrolling on TikTok more entertaining as well as interesting. There are times when a lot of users find something random, crazy, unaware, or knowledgeable content just because of the Repost feature. 

How Do You Repost On TikTok?

Reposting is a wonderful feature and if you also want to try this then follow the below-mentioned steps to try, learn, and explore more about this amazing platform

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Step 1: First of all, open the TikTok application on your phone which has a musical note-like icon with a classy dark black colored background. 

Step 2: Now, log in to your TikTok account. You may skip this step if already done. 

Step 3: After this, go to the search bar and find the creator or the video content that you want to repost from your profile. 

Step 4: Once the proper navigation and selection of the video are done, click on the share button. The share button has an icon of a right-facing arrow.

Step 5: At this step, you will see a drop-down menu with tons of sharing options. From all, you only need to click on a yellow button icon titled “Repost” which is usually available on the top left corner. 

Step 6: Right after this, you will see a notification with the message “You Reposted” on the top of your screen, and from then onwards your followers can also watch that video. The best thing is that you can also undo the same. 

Note: To enjoy this feature, make sure that your app is updated and you have strong internet connectivity. 

How to Undo Reposts on TikTok?

There are times when we accidentally repost a post and do not want anyone to see it from your profile. In such a case, you can easily undo the repost and to know about the steps of the same, read the below shared steps!

how do you repost on tiktok

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1: First of all, open the TikTok app and go to your shared videos section. 

2: Now, open the video which you want to remove. 

3: Once done, click on the share button which has a right side facing icon. 

4: After that, you will see a drop-down menu and from there, choose the “Remove Repost” option. This option can be seen at the top left corner with a yellow colored icon. And, this is how you can easily remove the reposted video in just a few clicks.  

Benefits of Reposting on TikTok 

There are a lot of advantages that you may get as a TikTok user if you are familiar with the “reposting” feature. To know about them specifically, read the below-shared points!

  • Gives more reach among the target audience or users of the platforms which eventually increases the popularity and makes the followers list bigger. 
  • Works as a tool of social media marketing and helps in understanding the audience better. 
  • Helps in making trust and giving social proof of the content you are posting. 
  • Give you the chance to connect and make a bond with different brands and creators.
  • Saves the content from getting old or out of trend because of frequent reposting.
  • Helps in saving a lot of time in terms of growing your TikTok account. 

Tips to follow While Reposting on TikTok

Using the Repost feature is very easy and has a lot of benefits as well. But, there are a few points that the UGC creator should always remember and follow while using it as a social media marketing tool. To know about them, read the below-shared tips!

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  • While reposting any content, make sure to share your own thoughts or give your personal touch to that content through the “Add Your Thoughts” option. You can add a description, write the summary, give the POVs, share your opinions, or so on through this which helps in better understanding of the content and connection with the viewer. 
  • Make sure to choose good content that is created by reliable, loyal, and professional creators as anything misleading, fake, unprofessional, or lawless can degrade your personal brand value or can also lead to other cyber concerns. 
  • While reposting any piece of content, make sure that it blends or looks similar to your brand’s previously shared videos. This is crucial as the addition of reposted videos to your profile should work as a catalyst in fulfilling your objectives. 


  1. Who can see my reposted video?

All the connections, friends, family, strangers, and so on who have followed you and can see your regular content can also see your reposted content on their “For You” page”. 

  1. Does the reposted video stay permanently?

No, there is nothing like that as you can also undo reposting anytime and anywhere. To do this all you need to do is follow the same steps of“Reposting” the video and at the last step instead of choosing the “Repost” option, you have to click on “Remove Repost”. And, you are good to go. 

  1. How does the repost feature help TikTok UGC creators?

It increases engagement with the audience, gives wider reach, connects with new brands, gives social proof, makes the creator trustworthy, and so on are a few benefits that every UGC creator may get with the Repost feature. 

  1. How do you repost on TikTok?

The steps for this include starting the TikTok app, opening the video you want to repost, clicking on the share button, and choosing the Repost option from the drop-down menu. This is how you can easily and effortlessly enjoy this feature. 

  1. When was the Repost feature introduced in TikTok?

This amazing feature was launched in the year 2022 which works a bit similar to Twitter’s Retweet option. It allows users to share others’ content on their profile and has many benefits as well in terms of growth. 


Above we shared a brief guide answering “How do you repost on TikTok” along with its other aspects like benefits, tips, undo options, and more which might have helped you understand the complete topic in a better way. I hope that now you have got the answer to your question and the page successfully fulfilled your expectations with the article. 

The pro tip here is that make sure to repost only those videos that are relevant to your objectives, created by professionals, have no lawless content, and most importantly follow the guidelines of TikTok. Doing this will always keep you in a win-win situation. Last but not least, if you have any further questions or want to share anything else then do let us know in the comment section mentioned below. Till then, thank you for reading!

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