How Did Instagram Turn The Tables For Social Media?

How Did Instagram Turn The Tables For Social Media?

There’s no going back from the fact that Instagram has changed the entire outlook of how we view the concept of social media. The famous visual social media app has garnered as many as 800 million followers who are hooked on to, within a span of eight years. Instagram, over the years, has proved to be quite an influential app for the entire possible niche. 

Here’s a sneak peek into the actual and possible elements that contributed to the popularity of Instagram over the years.

When Instagram Was Born?

Instagram got placed into the world of social media, back in the year 2010, in October. Just upon getting introduced, Instagram offered a mobile-friendly photo-sharing app that would allow its users to use up different and unique when filtering their image before putting it up. Just two years from its inception, Facebook happened to purchase it with a whopping $1 billion dollars. 

By the time Instagram was sold to Facebook, it had 0 revenue, and thus it was a quite worthful yet risky move by Facebook. Facebook later generated the revenue by getting their sponsored posts launched, which in turn gave allowances to brands to advertise on the platform of Facebook.

All For The Sake Of ‘Gram’

Can you recall the days when all you needed to add a caption for your selfie, was just a one-liner? But Instagram has changed the entire ball game, and here are a few of the useful tips of garnering fame through your posts.

The caption that you are putting up for your photograph must have its uniqueness and should be able to stand out from the rest.

  • Instagram photographs that you put up should have a filter, but not too much so as to draw flaks from publicly.
  • Your profile should follow a particular niche, palette, and theme to garner more followers and likes. However, there are many out there who buy Instagram likes at present to make their feed look like that of a celebrity.
  • The bio that you pen down must be catchy and should be able to connect you with potential clients
  • You must take time and wait patiently to post your photograph to be able to fetch more followers and likes.

So what awaits if you fail to abide by these unofficial rules and tips of Instagram? You stand away from ‘Likes’ ‘Followers’ besides, with the newly introduced algorithm, you also cross out the possibility and chance of getting featured in your friend’s feed as well.

The Crazy Features Brought About by Instagram that Is Now Ruling

It goes without the saying how Instagram is constantly birthing new features on a regular basis and is being lauded for its exclusivity.

  • Filters: A lot of social media services apps might be loaded with filters, but it must not be forgotten that it was Instagram at first that got the trend of filters rolling.
  • Boomerang– Boomerang was first launched by Instagram in the year of 2010, which in turn take a single photo or a group of photos and puts them into a video that keeps playing backward and forward in a loop. 
  • Instagram Stories– A new feature added by Instagram, after having taken the initial idea of stories from Snapchat, Instagram has made it unique by adding stickers, boomerang, neon pen, polls tagging, etc.

Instagram always leaves us craving for more, and we can never have enough if it was any day. The incredible part of the app is that it keeps renovating itself and keeps introducing something new to maintain its uniqueness throughout. People, influencers and businesses nowadays buy Instagram followers to stand out in the crowd and fetch popularity overnight. Instagram is set to keep the balls rolling for quite some time now. 


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