Ethical Strategies for Embedding YouTube Channels Across Platforms

YouTube Channels

One of the famous social media platforms- YouTube, has emerged as one of the most highly used platforms. YouTube has proven to be a boon for its audiences because it is created for users to browse videos and audio. Among marketers, YouTube is a preferred choice with over 200 billion active monthly users around the world. For promoting businesses, YouTube is one of the biggest platforms due to its wide reach. 

When compared to texts, videos are more engaging, informative, and innovative so they get more attention from the users of the brands. This is the reason brands and businesses started to add YouTube channel on Website. Read this blog to learn different ways of embedding YouTube channels on your website to further boost their visibility and reach. 

Methods Of Embedding YouTube Channels Across Platforms 

There are different methods of embedding YouTube channels across different platforms of websites. Here we are using a social media aggregator tool- Tagembed which is highly effective and responsive. Without having to require any technical knowledge, by using Tagembed you can easily embed YouTube channel videos on your website. Follow these below-mentioned steps. 

1. Make A YouTube Widget 

a). With Tagembed, make a free account if you’re a new user otherwise log in to your existing account. 

b). Towards the Tagembed dashboard, you’ll be redirected. The first widget for you is already created, just press the Edit button.

c). You must select YouTube as the source in the next pop-up window. 

d). Select your YouTube connection type i.e. keywords, channel URL, YouTube short videos, playlist, location, etc., and then press on the Create Feed button. 

e). On the widget editor, you will see your You/tube content after you enter your credentials. 

2. Develop Embed Code 

To effortlessly embed the content into your website, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

a). Press the Embed Widget button. 

b). From the pop-up option, choose your website-building platform which you can choose from Shopify, Wix, HTML, WordPress, etc. 

c). As per your website’s need, you can adjust the height and width of the widget. Press on the copy code and the clipboard, and paste the copy of the generated embed code. 

d). In the backend section of the page, paste the code and save the changes.

e). With this click, you’re YouTube channel is all set to get the attention of users. 

In a few steps, you will be able to embed YouTube channel videos into your website.

3. Embed YouTube Channel Videos On the Website 

Every user uses a different platform some use Wix and some users prefer using Shopify or WordPress. For the users, it becomes difficult to understand how to embed YouTube videos on their website-building platforms in such types of situations. To embed YouTube channel videos on different website-building platforms, we will tell you the steps that you may need to follow. 

1. Embedding On HTML 

a). You need to log into your HTML account after choosing HTML as a website-building platform and navigate to the page where you want to embed YouTube channel video on your HTML website. 

b). On the backend section of your webpage, paste the copied generated code. 

c). By pressing on apply, save the changes. 

You are done with adding a YouTube widget for HTML website

2. Embedding on WordPress

a). When you select WordPress as your website building platform, Log in to your WordPress website. 

b). Where you want to embed YouTube channel video on your webpage, navigate to it. 

c). Press on the visual and text option on the right side of the webpage. 

d). Press the Text mode button. 

e). On the backend section of the webpage, paste the generated embedded code. 

f). By pressing the Update button, save the changes. 

3. Embedding On Wix 

a). When you choose Wix as your website-building platform, log in to your Wix account. 

b). On the left side of the menu bar, press on the + tab. 

c). Press the More options tab. 

d). From the embeds, you are required to choose HTML iframe. 

e). In the code field, paste the generated copied code. 

f). By pressing the Apply Now tab, save the changes. 

4. Embedding On Weebly 

a). You are required to log in to your Weebly account once you choose Weebly as your website building platform. 

b). Guide to the element code option, drag and drop where you want to embed YouTube channel videos. 

c). Choose the HTML box and edit the custom HTML option. 

d). After pasting the generated embed code, save the changes. 

5. Embedding On Squarespace 

a). Reach the Squarespace website and press the Edit tab. 

b). Press on the +Add/Edit button. 

c). On the pop-up, press on the </> code that is available. 

d). In the box, you have to paste the generated code. 

e). On the top left corner of the page, press on the Done tab. 

f). Save the changes and you are good to go. 

6. Embedding On Shopify

a). After choosing Shopify as your website building platform, log in to your Shopify account. 

b). In the sales channel section, press on the Online Store option tab. 

c). In the drop-down menu bar, opt for themes for the next step. 

d). After pressing the Action tab, choose the Edit Code in the drop-down list. 

e). Embed YouTube channel videos by choosing the Templates/Layouts/Sections. 

f). Save the changes after pasting the generated code and you are done. 

End Note 

Utilizing YouTube for the development of your business is especially required because marketers and businesses started leveraging social media feeds on their websites to promote and advertise their products. To increase your engagement, and interaction with customers, and help them gain the trust for your brand, you need to embed YouTube channel videos on your website. So, if you’re a brand and have a YouTube channel then it is important that you include this strategy in your marketing gimmicks to get the best for your business. 

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