Eight designer rakhi to buy for your brother

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A notable Indian festivity called Raksha Bandhan commemorates the bond between siblings. The day coincides with the Shravan month’s Purnima or full moon. This auspicious day wouldn’t be complete without surprising the beloved kins. As a gesture of affection on this sacred day, the sister knots a rakhi, or holy thread, on her brother’s wrist. In return, he delights her with a sweet rakhi gift hamper and swears to keep her safe from danger. Nowadays, there are many excellent suggestions for surprising your brother when you order rakhi online. Your buying will be made easier by the large selection of fashionable Rakhi gifts available at your fingertips and doorstep delivery. Do you still find it difficult to find the ideal rakhi for your brother?

You must be planning the guest list, preparing the meal, and remodeling or redecorating the house on Raksha Bandhan. What about buying rakhis? You must be doing that as well, of course. Before placing your order, look at these Designer Rakhis, Ethnic Rakhis, Gold Rakhis, Lumba Rakhis, or Kundan Rakhis. You would adore these fantastic rakhi designs. We guarantee a trouble-free delivery to your door. Here is a list of 8 of our greatest designer rakhis to give you some inspiration for your extravagant Raksha Bandhan purchasing.

For your brother, the Top 8 Designer Rakhi

  • Super Bro Rakhi

The name of this rakhi is “Super-Bro” Rakhi. The Superman logo and the slogan “Super-Bro” are written on Rakhi’s main design. The adorable red and white beads give this Rakhi some glitz. This Rakhi is for your brother if he possesses superhuman traits like Superman and is constantly willing to aid those in need. You must purchase this designer rakhi for him as a gift hamper if he is very protective of you and you always find him the best “go-to” guy for everything tiny to huge difficulties.

  • Antique Swastika Rakhi

A gorgeous rakhi from our selection of ethnic rakhis is the Antique Swastika Rakhi. Due to its antique finish, this rakhi has a very old-fashioned appearance. The Swastika symbol located directly on the rakhi dial is the main USP of this device. The name Swastika emanated from the Sanskrit term Svastika, which implies good fortune.

  • Om Rakhi with green leaf

Another exciting ethnic rakhi from our shop, this one was looking gorgeous. This rakhi has a green leaf pattern on its central dial. On this green leaf, the Hindi word for “OM” is written using sparkling white stones. The remaining beads on the rakhi are Rudraksha, white, and green.

  • Diamond and Gold Dharma Chakra Rakhi

Choosing a Gold Rakhi while you order rakhi online would be wise. The Dharma Chakra, a Buddhist symbol, is the pattern used in these rakhis. This chakra represents the three-part Wheel of Dharma. The first section is called the Hub, and it alludes to the development of moral disciplines. The second part is called the Spokes, which denotes the proper application of wisdom. The third part is called the Rim, and it denotes concentration.

  • Rakhi with Multicolor Stone Bangles

Do you recall that you also need to buy things for your sister-in-law or bhabhi? To further cement your love and friendship for your bhabhi, it is customary in Indian culture to tie a Rakhi thread around her wrist. You can get your bhabhi, this lovely multicolor stone bangle rakhi, to wish her a happy, auspicious day.

  • Rakhi, with a message of sibling love

Any gift that has been specially made is a treat. The presence of a stunning image and the recipient’s name is the cause. You can send a high-definition picture of your brother by himself or one with both of you to get a customized rakhi. This image would be the dial of this rakhi, which would be a great fashion statement.

  • Blue Peacock Rakhi with Shine

The national bird, the peacock, represents spirituality, awakening, vision, direction, and protection. A peacock is typically connected with luck, tolerance, and generosity in Hindu culture. One of the best designing rakhis is this blue-colored glittering peacock rakhi. The middle dial, formed like a rhombus, sparkles with sparkling white stones.

  • Kundan Rakhi in big size


This Kundan Rakhi will be your finest option if you’re looking for a richly decorated rakhi to meet your brother. Right in the middle of the stunning rakhi is a big Red Kundan. Green and white dazzling stones surround the Red Kundan.


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Bottom lines

There is very nothing that is left unjudged by the fashion police in a world that is completely dominated by fashion. The celebration of Indian holidays has also changed from traditional to fashionable. Along with the people’s clothing, modernization has greatly advanced in other areas, such as celebratory decorations. With a vast selection of designer Rakhi online introduced each year, the sacred celebration of Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated with a contemporary touch. The holy threads of Rakhi are now offered in a range of shapes and styles to fit the needs and tastes of the people, designed by the most recent trends and preferences of the people. Therefore, if you’re looking for a stylish designer rakhi for your dearest brother for Raksha Bandhan 2022, don’t forget to look at some interesting possibilities. Then, based on your brother’s preferences and sense of style, pick the ideal one for him.

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