Car Shipping Cost Calculator – What Affects Cost?

Driving your car to a new location is okay if you move to a new state or city. Driving it yourself is one of the easiest ways to transport the vehicle, especially if you are an excellent driver. However, apart from the stress and time consumed, you will increase the car’s mileage, which may have an overall effect if it already has a high mileage.

That is why shipping companies offer their services. They ensure your vehicle gets to the right destination within the agreed period without hassles. However, you must estimate car shipping expenses to determine whether your budget covers them or if you need to make adjustments. Shipping your car may seem straightforward, but it is more complex than that. Certain factors can increase the price or lower it in some cases.

Factors Affecting Car Shipping Costs

What factors determine how much you pay for transporting your car? Good research will show you that distance, car type, delivery location, and the time of year are only a few. Let’s discuss them to see how to use them to lower the prices.

1. Carrier Type

The preferred type of carrier is crucial to the final cost. Most companies offer two types: enclosed and open carriers. Enclosed carriers have protection from the elements and are usually reserved for costly cars or those who specifically request them. Because of this special protection, they are more expensive than open carriers, which leave cars open to the elements.

Many people transporting their cars select the open option because of the lower price. They are ideal for use when the weather is good and the distance is close. However, if you have antique or expensive automobiles, use a closed carrier to ensure no damage to the commodity. But if you want to save money, use the open carrier.

2. Size and Type of the Car

We have already discussed how expensive cars usually go under enclosed carriers, which means paying more. But we must also consider the size of the vehicle and how its weight affects the haulage. Some cars are modified or changed to look and feel different. Take a truck, for example. It can have new grills and larger tires, which make it higher and heavier.

In such a situation, the cost changes. While you can get a general estimate with an online calculator, specific details about the vehicle can raise the cost. Also, the larger the car, the more space it takes. Transport services consider this before giving you a quote.

You must also consider the number of vehicles. Moving two or three cars of the same make and model should keep the price the same. But a change in the types and sizes presents different prices. Click here to learn more about how car modifications affect shipping costs.

3. Season of the Year

Some seasons of the year are busier than others for shipping companies. For example, during summer, many people are on the move, which makes the roads busier and transportation more difficult. The same is true if it is Christmas or New Year.

Drop-off location may also play a role if you move it during peak summer; some states and cities are busier than others. Because of this possibility, you may have to pay more if you plan to ship your car within that period. But you can save some money if you choose an off-peak period.

Also, winter can be a difficult time to haul anything. So, if you want to move it within that period, the shipping company typically charges more to cover the possible difficulty and any accidents, especially for the drivers. Unless it is an emergency, consider waiting for a more favorable time for the haulage.

4. Distance

The shorter the distance, the lower the amount you pay for shipping your automobile. Cross-country haulage costs considerably more, so consider this when looking for quotes. As mentioned, general details give you a general quote, but the specific details of the process can affect the price. That is why sometimes, you have a different price after delivery than what you saw on the cost calculator.

Many transport companies calculate the price based on the mileage to cover. The average cost is slightly over $1,600, but other factors can lower or increase it. You can determine the distance to be covered by calculating the miles and multiplying it by the cost per mile, depending on the preferred company. Check out this tool: for more information on the cost of shipping.

5. Delivery Point

Easy-to-locate drop-off points reduce costs when your automobile is shipped to another location. Regular routes do not require too much time to find. Also, meeting the delivery truck in the middle reduces how much you pay. However, when you use a remote or difficult-to-locate destination, it costs more fuel and takes time.

The company counts them as money and enters it in the final quotation. And if you opt for a door delivery, you must pay for that particular service. Save money by going to the stipulated terminal closest to your new location instead of waiting for a special delivery unless you are okay with the cost.

Other factors include the fluctuating fuel price, the car’s condition before shipping, and ground clearance. The chosen shipping company may have other considerations that affect the cost. Find out these factors from each company before deciding.


Researching the best ways to ship your car before deciding the best course of action is ideal. Multiple quotes will give you an upper hand, especially if you know what affects the cost. An open carrier is more affordable than an enclosed one, and picking the vehicle up from the terminal reduces costs. Use this guide to calculate the cost and find the best option.

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