5 Best Streaming Documentaries on Netflix (2023): Watch now

Best Streaming Documentaries

These days most people have shifted their interest from fiction to nonfiction series or movies. And the reason behind this is connectivity with the audience, true storyline, real facts, and honest figures which make people more aware and informed about various mysteries, unexposed events, etc. that have happened earlier around the world. So, for this sake, we have made a list of the best streaming documentaries which you can watch anytime and anywhere.

5 Best Streaming Documentaries

The list of documentaries available on OTT platforms is endless, so we have selected only the most interactive, popular, informative, and interesting ones that can make your watch-time worth spending. So, let’s begin!

1. Seaspiracy

This film was globally released on Netflix in 2021. The director and producer of Seaspiracy are Ali Tabrizi and Kip Andersen, who worked entirely from ideation to production. The theme of this documentary revolves around the exploitation of water bodies or marine life.

Best Streaming Documentaries

The film also highlights the negative impact of overfishing and plastic pollution, which can create disbalance in the environment. Seaspiracy also received criticism from many organizations and officers as the movie exposed a lot of names and their wrongdoings. This documentary is best for those who want to watch something from the science genre.

2. American Murder: The Family Next Door

This film was distributed by Netflix in 2020. The director and producer of this mind-blowing documentary are Jenny Popplewell and James Marsh, respectively. This movie depicts the real-life story of the Watts family murders which happened in Colorado in 2018.

The makers have added phone messages to CCTV recordings, everything in it to increase credibility among viewers. The movie revolves around how Chris Watts, a family man, spoiled his happy married life by killing her pregnant wife (Shannan) and two young daughters for no legit reason.

Best Streaming Documentaries

The movie has harsh scenes, including how he buried her wife in an oil factory and stuffed the daughters’ bodies in 12-foot-high tanks where he used to work. This movie has elements like death, threat, psycho actions, lies, and suspense to make you aware of the case and its true aspects. If you want to see a thrilling and unsolved documentary, then is what you should go first.

3. A Secret Love

This American documentary, A Secret Love was released in 2020 on Netflix. The director and producer of this movie are Chris Bolan and Ryan Murphy, respectively. This romantic production is a beautiful depiction of the lesbian relationship of former baseball players named Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel who were afraid of speaking about their bond because of society’s comments and stereo mindset.

a secret love

In a very interactive way, the makers shared how they kept their love hidden from people for almost 70 years and exactly when they decided to be vocal about it and stand for their rights. This documentary received mixed opinions but if you are someone who appreciates love rather than gender tags then this is high time for you to see this documentary and experience true love.

4. The Tinder Swindler

This is a British true-crime documentary that was released by Netflix in 2022. The director and producer of this movie are Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins, respectively who plated the storyline very interestingly. The film revolves around Simon Leviey who was an Israeli conman and used to connect with rich women on dating apps like Tinder.

Best Streaming Documentaries

Image Credit: the joy formidable

In this production, you will see how he used to pretend to have fake love relationships with those women just for the sake of their hefty money or to cheat them to maintain high living standards. Simon has traveled across Europe and was a wanted criminal because of his fraudulent activities. So, if you want to know about this entire story in depth then stream it today.

5. Descendant

It is an American documentary that was released in 2022 on Netflix. The director of this history-exposing film is Margaret Brown, who showcased every harsh truth related to slave trading very finely. This movie basically throws the limelight on enslaved Africans to the US whose next generation is currently living in Africatown.


Image Credit: Netflix

Through this production, you can know a lot more about slave trading, those people’s conditions, and the hidden truths about that time. This documentary has received many nominations and awards for creating such an eye-opening film and adding one more page to the history book which was puzzling for so long. So, if you are a history lover then this is the exact piece of art you need to see.


Just like the above-mentioned best-streaming documentaries, there are a lot more that you should watch and get informed about the stories you are unaware of.

Although, the documentaries we talked about in this post are easily available on Netflix but if you find any issue in streaming them then you should search on YouTube or any other OTT platforms. If you want more documentary suggestions, then please connect with us. Happy Watching!


1. Which is the best love-based documentary?

Documentaries like “The Loving Story”, “A Secret Love”, and “Crazy Love” are highly appreciated among the viewers.

2. Which movie should I watch if I like real crime stories?

Documentaries like “American Murder: The Family Next Door” and “The Tinder Swindler” are something that will fall in your interest as they are based on crime, death, fraud, and threats.

3. Which is the history-related Best Streaming Documentaries?

“Descendent” is one of the best history documentaries which has achieved a milestone in showcasing the tangles and hidden truth of slave trading.

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