5 Things To Buy Yourself This Year

The chilliness brought on by the fall weather is an indicator that the holiday season is creeping up. This time of the year is a reminder to start saving for cool gifts for your loved ones. Luckily, many of the hottest new items go on sale, so you can afford whatever your parents, siblings and kids want.

However, don’t forget to add another important person to your list — you! While it’s a wonderful and fulfilling experience to give to others, it’s also acceptable to treat yourself. Reward yourself with a present you know you’re going to love. Here are five great gift ideas for you to consider.

1. Fine Jewelry

Be honest; if your friend asks you what you want for Christmas, are you going to tell that person that you’d like a diamond pendant? Probably not! Yes, you want that necklace, but you’re never going to ask your friend to spend that much money on you, nor would you want to.

Because you don’t expect anyone to buy you expensive items, purchase them for yourself. You’ve probably worked hard over the past year and deserve a complimentary gift such as fine jewelry. To find the perfect piece, think about your style. Do you want a necklace, ring or watch? Do you prefer a piece created with lab diamonds or other gemstones? Once you answer these questions and know what type of jewelry you want, find a trustworthy jeweler and take the plunge.

2. Bathtub Caddy Tray

One of the best gifts you can get yourself is relaxation. A bathtub caddy tray allows you to soak in the tub and unwind after a stressful workday with a cup of herbal tea or a glass of wine at your fingertips. Many caddies have designated areas for books, so you’re able to read your favorite novel or magazine. If you want to rest your eyes, grab a towel for your head and lean back. Make the experience even more soothing by lighting a candle or playing soft music.

3. Instant Pot

If you have too many kitchen appliances, your counters and cabinets are probably pretty full. However, you can cut down on how many devices you have by purchasing an all-in-one appliance — the Instant Pot. This pot is a pressure cooker, steamer, bread maker and slow cooker combined.

Additionally, the Instant Pot is capable of cooking food much faster due to high pressure and heat. If you’re unsure what to make, find countless recipes online, ranging from chicken to wine.

4. Magnetic Phone Mount

If you don’t have a phone mount in your car, consider buying a magnetic mount that clips onto an air vent. Having your phone at eye level is essential, especially if you’re using a GPS program. Without a phone mount, you may find yourself looking down at your phone frequently. Taking your eyes off of the road poses a danger to yourself and your passengers. 

Although there are other types of phone mounts available, the magnetic mount is often preferred. A mount that sticks to your dash is liable to leave an unwanted sticky residue if removed, whereas a spring-loaded mount may not open wide enough for your phone.

5. Wireless Earbuds

Whether cleaning the house or going for a run, wearing earbuds makes the experience much more enjoyable. Listening to your favorite music not only makes running errands fun, but it also helps the time to go by faster, which is great when you have a lot of work to do!

Wireless earbuds are the best choice because the wires aren’t disrupting your task’s progress. In addition, with a single charge, your earbuds will last a few hours. Once they’re charged and ready to go, pair the earbuds with your phone and get ready to rock through your chores. 

Make sure to get yourself a much-deserved gift this year. Instead of fretting about the possible cost, focus on finding a product you’ve been wanting and splurge on it! It will feel good to get yourself a present for once.

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