5 Best Games Like Poptropica (2023): The Ultimate Guide

Poptropica is one of the best games designed for children as it has the right fusion of adventure, suspense, thrill, and tons of different games. This interesting and highly popular game was introduced in 2007 and still holds a strong position in the online gaming world. Its ease of use, multi-player environment, creativity, appealing design, gameplay, and engagement are the main reasons why people are still seeking the best games like Poptropica.

Children always want varieties, choices, or options, whether it’s clothes, food, or games. And that is why we made a list of games with similar ideation and adventure, like Poptropica, so they neither feel strange nor bored by playing the games.

Even in these substitutes, you get the chance to create avatars, learn something new, and make new connections, witness appealing visuals, hear the immersive sound, etc., and more that adds a charm to your game time. So, what else are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the next section and get the details about our best games like Poptropica.

5 Best Games Like Poptropica

It’s high time to have your hands-on something new and explore different visions and challenges in the virtual world. Without any further ado, read and finalize your next game to be played.

1. Moshi Monsters

This game was developed by Mind Candy in 2008 for children between 6-10 years old. It has an interesting Monster City, where you can earn, build, interact, and win various advantages. All you need to do is select your character from the six pre-available options and then play the exciting games aligned for crossing different levels or stages.

It has puzzles for beginner, intermediate, and high levels to enhance the skills of the children.  In this game, the winner gets Rox and virtual currency, which makes stepping into the next level effortless and quick. Moshi Monsters make the player think socially and economically because of its interactive and economic system factor. Overall, this game is a hit for those who love to enjoy and live the virtual world like real.

Best Games Like Poptropica

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2. Animal Jam

This video game is entirely based on animals, plants, the environment, and ecology. The National Geographical Society supports it because of its creative storyline and educational content, which makes the children aware a lot more about pets, animals, their food, shelters, and so on.

Basically, the player in this game lands in the beautiful world of Jamma after taking the avatar of their favorite animal and exploring the area to maintain a standard of living which means food, shelter, clothes, and other basic needs.  Animal Jam allows you to play mini-games, collect goodies, chat with your game partners, adopt pets, buy dresses and accessories, etc.

Animal Jam

This game is fun as well as informative to learn about the lifestyles of animals more interactively and interestingly. It is one of the best options in the list of games like Poptropica because it also carries similar features like customization, interaction, exploring, and gathering rewards.

3. Toontown Rewritten

This game is preferred for kids and even loved by older game lovers who like challenges and quests. It has a very creative and enthusiastic ideation or storyline. In a short summary, the player in this game needs to create a customized cartoon character and wander in Toontown, where all the characters live.

All the visuals in Toontown Rewritten are very vibrant, chunky, attractive, and colorful, which holds the player’s attention as well as make the game eye appealing. The main task here for the toon’s character is to work in unity with other players and safeguard the city from cogs who are robotic corporate evils trying to ruin the place by destroying everything.

Toontown Rewritten

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To enhance the gameplay, you will get challenges of intermediate and high level, along with quests to give the sense of gratification and the feeling of true involvement.

4. Movie Star Planet

This interactive and unique game is best for those kids who love attention, praise, competition, stardom, and popularity. Basically, here you get a chance to create your character as a movie star and live their lavish and elite lifestyle. It includes everything from dresses, card, house, fans, accessories, etc. a lot more that make the player feel genuine and connected.

Movie Star Planet

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Games like Poptropica always give the feature of interaction with other players, so this one too offers the same. You can easily meet, greet, explore, and party with other movie stars in the game. Apart from this, there are a lot of competitions loaded in this game where you can participate, and winning can lead you to the next level of stardom.

5. Fishao

This game consists of everything about the world of fish and their catching. It is very simple and still different in terms of challenges and quests. In Fishao, the player can make and customize their characters and then explore various water bodies for a living. They have the option to communicate with other players, along with catching and breeding fish.


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After unlocking every stage, you get access to new rivers, ponds, and other water bodies. To be in the game, all you need to do is maintain your character and try to catch fish as much as you can. Every spot for fishing and their experience varies a lot from one another and hence result in more enthusiasm and fun while playing.


Above, we mentioned the five best games like Poptropica, which are its true substitutes and are even loaded with more exciting challenges as well as information. All of these games are children-friendly and have interactive audio and visuals to enhance the experience.

If you still want more substitutes or have any queries, then do mention them in the comment box. Thank you for reading.


1. Which is the best game like Poptropica?

There is a never-ending list of these games, but one of the bests from them is Animal Jam, as it is highly liked and appreciated by both children and their parents.

2. Why are people seeking Poptropica’s substitutes?

The main reason is that players are highly impressed by the creativity and theme of Poptropica, but at the same time, they are bored too and urged to play different games with the same features and functions, so they seek and try games like Poptropica.

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