3 Ways to Fix This Story is Unavailable on Instagram Error


Instagram is without a doubt a very popular social media application that is used by millions and millions of people every day. The application has some amazing features and elements that allow people to explore a lot of things on the application.

However, despite the popularity of the application, the application is not safe from errors and issues. 

Have you ever encountered an issue on the application where you see the message ‘this story is unavailable instagram when you open the story of a person on the application? If yes, then you are not alone as there are many Instagram users who have faced the issue with the application and this is why in the article, we will be exploring the issue and knowing the methods that you can use to fix this error on your own.

What is the meaning of “This Story is Unavailable” on Instagram?

Now, there are many reasons why you might see this message while viewing the Insta story of a person. The issue can happen if the story has been deleted by the account owner or the user has recently changed their Instagram account to private from public and has been removed as a follower.

You can also face the stories unavailable instagram issue if your device does not have a reliable network connection or you have been blocked by the account owner who has posted the story. Well, these are the main reasons why you might face this issue and in the next part, you are going to know about the methods that will help in resolving this issue.

Methods to fix the ‘This story is Unavailable’ issue on Instagram

Now, if you are looking for some solutions that will help you in fixing your issue then, this is the perfect place for you to gather all the knowledge that you need.

Solution 1: Clear Instagram Cache data

One of the main reasons why people face this issue is because of too much cache data present in the application. If you want to fix this issue then, you need to clear the instagram cache data present in the application.

The cache data of your application can easily be deleted from the settings of your iPhone as well as an Android mobile phone.

Solution 2: Log out of your Instagram account and Re-login

The next method that you can use for the instagram stories unavailable issue is to log out of your account. You need to remove your account from your mobile phone and then, log into your account once again after some time.

This allows the application to establish a new connection and this might fix all your issues related to the internet connection.

Solution 3: Try to update your Application

Now, it is also possible that you might face this issue if your application is not updated. If you are using an older version then, you might encounter this issue more commonly and this is why you need to look for a new update to ensure that you are using the newest version.

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