10 Proven PMM Promotions Strategies for Skyrocketing Sales

  • on September 3, 2023
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Are you looking for effective PMM promotions strategies? If so, you’re in luck. Here are 10 proven ways to promote your business and increase sales:

Offer online-only discounts.

Offer online-only discounts. If your business is primarily an online one, you may want to consider offering a PMM discount code or coupon code that can only be redeemed online. This way, customers have a reason to shop with you instead of another retailer who offers similar products at the same price point but has brick-and-mortar locations where they can go in person and pick up their purchase immediately (or at least within a few hours).

If possible, provide free shipping on all orders over $x amount of dollars spent with us today! Or better yet: get 15% off any order over $x amount spent with us today! These types of promotions are great ways for businesses like yours–which sell through ecommerce channels primarily–to encourage more spending from existing customers while also attracting new ones into their sales funnel because now there’s even more incentive for people who might not otherwise have bought anything from us before now feel comfortable doing so.”

Focus on customer retention.

  • Make sure you’re offering a good product. Whether it’s an app or a video game, if your product isn’t up to par, customers will leave and never look back.
  • Offer customer service. People like to feel like their concerns are being heard and addressed, so make sure you offer ways for them to reach out if they have any issues with their purchase! This can be as simple as having live chat available on your site 24/7 or even just sending out an email responding within 24 hours (if possible). If something goes wrong with one of my purchases from Amazon, I know that if I contact them about it then they’ll straighten everything out ASAP–and that makes me feel confident enough in buying from them again later down the line when I need something else too 🙂
  • Offer warranties on expensive items such as electronics or appliances because many people prefer knowing there is some sort of protection against defects without having pay extra money upfront during checkout before getting shipped off into unknown territory where no warranty exists at all!

Focus on customer referrals.

Referrals are one of the best ways for you to get new customers. They help you build long-term relationships with your existing customers and can be used to promote Public Media Marketing products and services. Referral programs can also help you reach new markets, as people often have friends or family who would be interested in what you do.

When launching a referral program, make sure that it’s easy for customers to refer someone else by giving them everything they need (such as the name of the person being referred) at the time they place their order or call into customer service with a question about their order status.

Organize a PMM Giveaway contest.

A giveaway contest is a great way to attract new customers and increase sales.

A giveaway contest is an easy way to increase engagement with your brand, build a community around your brand, and increase awareness about the benefits of using PMM products/services.

Offer a free shipping promotion.

Offering free shipping is one of the easiest and most effective PMM promotions strategies for boosting your sales. It’s also a great way to increase customer loyalty, as customers will come back again and again if they know that there’s no cost involved in shopping with you.

  • Offer free shipping on all orders – This is the most common type of PMM promotion, but it can still be very effective if done well. Make sure that this information is clearly stated on your website so that customers know what they’re getting when they order from you.* Offer free shipping on a particular item – This strategy works especially well if there are items in particular which are more likely to be purchased when offered at no cost than others (for example: children’s clothing).* Offer free shipping over $50 – This type of PMM promotion will encourage people who were on the fence about buying something new from you because they were worried about spending too much money at once; now they’ll feel like their purchase won’t break their bank account!

Create a special PMM holiday sale event.

  • Create a special PMM holiday sale event.
  • Give customers a reason to purchase.
  • Give customers a reason to share their purchases.
  • Give customers a reason to refer friends and family.

Establish a PMM referral program.

A referral program is a great way to increase sales and build your customer base. The more people you refer, the more money you make! You can offer a discount to people who refer others to your business and/or offer prizes for the person who refers the most customers. Make sure that when someone signs up through another person’s referral link or code, both parties get credit for their purchases so they don’t feel like they have been cheated out of something valuable.

Introduce a special PMM loyalty program.

Introduce a special PMM loyalty program on NPS Platforms. Loyalty programs are an excellent way to reward customers and keep them coming back for more. You can use these programs as a way to offer special discounts or promotions, or even as a way to reward customers for referrals, who they bring into your store (and who become loyal customers themselves).

For example, if someone refers another person who becomes a paying member of your gym membership club (e.g., “Referral Reward Program”), then both the referrer and referee will get credit towards their next month’s fee!

This type of reward system works especially well when you have several products/services that are related but not necessarily identical; for instance: A spa might offer different types of massages at different prices; however all massages include access to their facilities such as saunas and steam rooms. So one option would be offering free sauna access with any massage purchase–but because this isn’t always feasible due space constraints etc., another option would be offering 50% off any additional service purchased during same visit (which could include things like foot scrubs).

Make it easy for customers to purchase more products and services 

It’s important to make it easy for customers to purchase more products, services and even subscriptions.

You should think about how you can encourage customers to buy more with your PMM program. In addition to offering an incentive for signing up (like a discount or freebie), consider other ways that they can benefit from becoming active members of the community. For example:

  • You could create an “upgrade” option at checkout where users can choose how many months they want their subscription term extended by
  • Or perhaps you could offer additional discounts on related items when they sign up (e.g., if someone buys one ebook then they’ll get 20% off another ebook)

Post about upcoming promotions on your social media accounts 

  • Post about upcoming promotions on your social media accounts.
  • Post about upcoming promotions on your blog, website and in newsletters.
  • Give customers a heads up about upcoming promotions by posting early in the week to get people excited for the weekend!


Hopefully, this article has provided you with some new ideas for PMM promotions. The most important thing to remember is that you should always keep your customers in mind when planning a promotion. What will they find most appealing? What kind of discount do they need most right now? How can we make it easier for them to purchase more products or services from us? If these questions come first when thinking about your next sale event then there’s no doubt it will be successful!

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